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Alternatives Of App


Alternatives Of SHAREit

As we all know SHAREit always helped us to share or transfer any file between two devices. After banned this app, we are introducing alternatives of it.

Alternatives Of Beauty Plus

After banned Beauty Plus, we have some similar application so that we enjoy fun in editing and uploading new images.

Alternatives Of TikTok

After the ban, there is no need to scare or worry about, your acting career is still in safe hands of mentioned top 14 alternative applications of Tik Tok.

Alternatives Of UC Browser

UC browser is now banned in India and many of us used to work on that app but anyway the show must go on right. Here are some best alternatives for UC browser.

Alternatives Of We Meet

We meet is a social app that supports video chat with strangers, allowing you to chat and you used to chat and videos too.

Alternatives Of Baidu Map

One of the Chinese app named Baidu map had strongly emerged in the world’s economy with the purpose to help people to reach their destination.

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