Top 20 alternative of Apus Browser

The whole work of internet usage depends upon the browser for every internet user the speed and the features of browser matters so much. APUS browser is one of the highly used browsers in the internet world but it is run by the Chinese companies and due to the increased border security issues between India and China many Chinese mobile apps have been banned by the Indian government.

APUS browser is also one of the apps that are banned by the Indian government but here are other alternatives to the APUS browser.

 Top 20 alternative of Apus Browser


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Rocket Browser Netherlands
2 Brave browser United States
3 Yolo Browser Canada
4 Bing Browser United states
5 ONE Browser United states
6 Yandex Browser Russia
7 Phoenix Browser Africa
8 Fastest Mini Browser USA
9 Google Chrome USA
10 Next Browser Indonesia
11 Firefox Browser California
Polar Browser
12 Puffin Web Browser USA


13 MX5 Browser China
14 VC Browser Indonesia
15 Opera Mini OSLO
16 Apple Safari USA


Rocket Browser- Rocket Browser provides a safe and easy mode to the users so that they can enjoy the searching over the internet it also helps in blocking the ads so that users can read anything on rocket browser without interruptions. It also consumes fewer data on our mobile.


Brave Browser- Brave Browser is one of the fastest browsers available on Google play store for android users. It consumes less data on your mobile phone, it secures your phone and block ads so that nothing interrupts you while browsing.


Yolo Browser – Yolo Browser offers the ultra browsing speed to its users that helps the users to enjoy surfing content in the best way, its other features are advance download manager, ad blocking system, download protection system, privacy, and device protection, night mode searching, highly synchronize, it searches over disabling the photos so that maximum data of the user can be saved.


Multilaser Browser- It provides blaze- fast browsing speed and quick access to the websites, it offers a private mode of searching so that the user won’t have any fear of saving the history.


Insta Browser- This browser is very lightweight and doesn’t store too much space in your device, its functions are very simple and easy to understand to the new users, it provides high speed with a smooth searching facility to the user and uses fewer data of your device.


Bing Browser- It provides high speed and comfortable internet uses to its users you can search for multiple contents on several search engines.


ONE Browser- It offers Page capturing system with a multi-window operation to provide view switcher for basic view and desktop view, it provides fast downloading speed and effective file management system.


Yandex Browser- It provides high-speed browsing facility with easy access to the user, Its features and functions are highly advance that judges the user behavior, It provides multiple extensions to the user.


Phoenix Browser- It is a speedy, smart, and simple to use browser and brings up to date information to the users and brings a suggestion of topics based on the history of the user including the multimedia content as well.


Fastest Mini Browser- It is fast, simple, smart and a lightweight browser that offers an offline reading mode to the user when the networks are not available, it offers a powerful and comprehensive browsing experience to the user.


Google Chrome- It is a very powerful, safe, and secured browser, its best is the autocomplete system, and the user can even download the entire for offline viewing and reading as well. All these cool features make it the popular browser.


Next Browser- This browser is very user friendly that provides so many advances features like night mode search, no image search, bookmark, multiple plug-ins, and private mode, ads-on. This browser provides total security and privacy to your device.


Firefox Browser- It is developed by the Mozilla Firefox. It offers fast speed and security to the user with an intelligent search system and protects your device from all kinds of tracking with full control over your browsing experience. Its interface is user friendly.


Armorfly Browser- It provides safety and security to the user with complete privacy and easy access to the browser, it offers video detection function, Private mode and it can erase all kinds of send and received that with user permission.


Polar Browser- It is a lightweight and less data consumption browser that provides an impressive management system of searched URLs. It will stay informed you about messages received on the social media accounts of the user.


Puffin Web Browser- It provides fast browsing and speedy downloading of the files which help in saving the data of the device, its main features are adobe flash player, wicked fast.


MX5 Browser- It is known as Maxthon Browser. It is a fast, smart, secure and an easy to use browser that provides high browsing and downloading speed to the user. What makes it special is that it is backed by those searching technology that widely supports HTML5.


VC Browser- It is a compact and fast browser that provides complete privacy to the user all the time, it offers selected sites visiting features to the user.


Opera Mini- It is one of the leading web browsers and is similar to the Opera web browser of a desktop device, it is so fast that it saves up to the 90% data of the user, it provides complete privacy and security to the user.


Apple Safari- This browser was introduced in 2003 and was developed by Apple based on the Webkit engine. It is a very fast browser that offers you complete privacy and security to the user, its features help you save, share and find your favorites with other, its unique design makes browsing a joy brings comfort to the user.




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