Top 12 Alternatives Of UC news

Top 12 Alternatives Of UC news

This is going to be the limelight of every news either published digitally or printing method. I think you got it right? If still you do not know what is about stay tuned with us.

Yes, you got it right…..China

One of the disputed country everyone is talking about, right after the Coronavirus. As we all know China’s hidden actions to spread the virus over the globe and its role to disturb every country’s economy. We are already struggling with the COVID-19 knowing this fact China started targeting India with its defence force. For counter-attack, the Indian government took a precise decision and decided to ban 59 Chinese apps. One app named UC News has more than 4.6 ratings on Google, 5000+ downloads, with a small size of 8.7 MB has already won the heart of millions of Indians. It delivers news content in a very short time, always stays updated with news, blogs, entertainment, videos, etc. In short, we can say it is a viral app for Global news.

Some of us are fond of reading new online – after press released to ban such apps people have become anxious. But you do not need to worry or be anxious because we are introducing some of the non-Chinese apps you can use to stay updated with global or national news. 

Top 12 Alternatives Of UC news


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website origin country
1 Google News US
2 Inshorts India
3 Dailyhunt (Newshunt)-News, Videos, Cricket India
4 JioNews – Live News, TV, Magazine, Video, e-paper India
5 NDTV India
6 The Hindu: English News Today, Current latest news India
7 Readwhere News & Magazine India
8 The new york times USA
9 Headlines today (the news app) India
10 New bulb – Top Indian news audio news India
11 Aaj Tak live TV news – latest Hindi India news app India
12 Latest English News and Free Live TV by India Today India



  1. Google News

 I like it, get to read stories from all over the world. From news to sports to the weather great app. This is simply an amazing app. It deserves more than 5 stars. Thank developers coz they did outstanding work. It’s Great, it’s very useful to everyone. 


  1. Inshorts

It is a great app also very convenient to read the news in short lines and paragraphs. It keeps the person updated from the local to international news. The best app that I have ever seen, which will cover all the news at one point. Very informative and useful app. It enables you to manage the numerous notification at once part well then it will be very beneficial and handy. 


  1. Dailyhunt (Newshunt)-News, Videos, Cricket

 It’s a very good app for getting information about many things, fine good for up-to-date news and information available in it. All the newspapers are available with every single detail news on it we can also share the news in any other device.


  1. JioNews – Live News, TV, Magazine, Video, e-paper 

 Jio News is a good news app, this provides us good information on local, national, rural, and city news and it works on every information all over our country, so this immediately gives fast and quickly share information. Really this app is essential for public use. Many articles and small news are very helpful to increase our knowledge. This app is useful for us. I liked it very much.


  1. NDTV 

If you don’t want to read full, detailed stories, you can head to the News Beeps section where you’re shown bite-sized news, similar to Inshorts. Besides, there are tons of categories to choose from, including entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business, auto, gadgets, food, and more. Everything is fine and thanks a lot for the true journalism, Definitely good content and best app for daily updates.


  1. The Hindu: English News Today, Current latest news

An application where people can watch live breaking news from all over the world. It will update users with different categories of news such as business, politics, technology, sports, environment, etc. It has trending stories. The user can read news offline as well. The user can get notification of the latest news daily.


  1. Readwhere News & Magazine 

This app is mainly used for online and offline reading of books, newspapers, magazines, comics, paper, journals, etc. on your devices. It provides the best content for reading. The user can read content from the premier newspapers of India. India’s vulgate regular newspapers publish their paper on Readwhere application. It includes language like Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, etc. It has India’s best-known magazine brands. A great comic collection over 700+ titles from famous comics. It has zoom features that help the user to read easily. Is has good speed and a wide range.


  1. The new york times

This application provides the latest headlines of daily news. The user can save articles for offline reading. It has innovative formats. It has mini-games like puzzles, sudoku, etc.


  1. Headlines today (the news app)

This app will make you updated by the latest news from top sources. This application provides you the latest and trending headlines of different categories that you can read in your free time. It has great features like the user can adjust day night mode as per their interest, can save and share articles to others. Available categories like sports,business,health,entertainment,science,technology etc. It has featured sources like BBC news, google news, the Hindu, vogue, etc.


  1. New bulb – Top Indian news audio news

This app provides Hindi, English news in the form of written and audio. People can listen to English and Hindi news while traveling or doing any work. The news in this application is clean and unbiased as there is no fake news, no unnecessary negativity. It has fine content with a short summary. The user can search for news as per their preferences. Updated news videos.


  1. Aaj Tak live TV news – latest Hindi India news app

Aaj Tak is usually India’s most-watched Hindi TV news channel so this will available on the app for users. It is the best Hindi news app that provides breaking, trending, and live TV news.


  1. Latest English News and Free Live TV by India Today

One more Indian based news application that brings the latest breaking news available in English format. 

You can access all kind of news weather falls in the category of :

– Bollywood news

– World News

– Breaking news

– Indian news

– Headlines 

– Sports news

– Technology news

– Movie reviews

– Mumbai news

– Lifestyle news

– Delhi news

It includes various kind of programs that are popular in public like Primetime, News at 9, India Voice, India show

This app owner has won the award of a trusted network.

Use the APP to get in-depth information on any topic.


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