Top 9 alternative of we-meet application

We have collected the list of 10 different applications that would help you to forget the We-meet application. We-meet is a video conferencing application where you may meet you, people, make new friends, with whom you may chat, call, exchange data, etc. with the list provided below, you may find likeminded people and could stay away as well.

Top 9 alternative of we-meet application


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Facebook USA
2 PlusOne Social USA
3 Couchsurfing Travel Europe
4 Hola israel
5 Meetup USA
6 Meetme USA
7 Bumble Travis County


8 We3 Canada
9 Peanut England


  1. Facebook: one of the longest-running applications that provide different facilities and create a new one daily. It could allow the user to make new friend, find you old friends and user may chat, exchange different picture, videos, etc., it also allows you to do video call.
  2. PlusOne Social: where you are busy or free, everybody needs someone to talk or exchange thoughts sometimes of the day. This is the application for you, as its name suggests pus one, so there is no need to move alone outside the home, it gives friends suggest and many more things.
  3. Couchsurfing Travel: this is an app to find like-minded people and could talk to them easily. It is a great way to hand out with local people where you are not there. You may also search thousands of local hosts who are offering a place to stay in new cities around the globe, and this will also allow one to stay on the couch and still stay connected.
  4. Hola: I would strongly recommend hola application as it is a US-based company which has a feature of doing random video chats it has many unique features likewise to Wemeet you may start an audio call for being anonymous for 30 seconds. The video feed has been enabling for both users.
  5. Meetup: it tags to do more, perfect for the people who look for new people daily to hang out. This allows users to search according to their choices like the latest gadget trend or fast food places, exploring different outdoor locations.
  6. Meetme: comparing this with Facebook groups, this is a much faster and hands-on social application. Rather than finding the group of people managed around the common event or activity. MeetMe allows as to chat instantly, who else is interested in. App also allows personalized profile pages, where one could tell others about their personal and professional things.
  7. Bumble: it is more into dating apps category, where women have a right for the first move if the pairing is heterosexual. But it could be used to make new friends as well.
  8. We3: is an ios or android application where users could make new friends. This is not for dating purposes specifically, which is interesting since not all the time, people are looking to hook up. Having a good friend is sometimes more important.
  9. Peanut: This is like tinder for moms; being a mom is not an easy task. They are also looking to entertain their mind. Moms using this app could also choose a description for them; according to that application automatically matches the moms, and once they are matched, they could chat.



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