Top 9 alternatives for BeautyPlus android and ios application

Beauty plus is a highly popular camera and photo editing application which is used by youth and adults. It edits photos using AR stickers, beauty effects, and makeup tools. It was banned due to many reasons, but the fun in editing and uploading new images every moment should not be stopped. So we have come with some similar applications.

Top 9 alternatives for BeautyPlus app  


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 TouchRetouch Germany
2 Snow South Korea
3 RetouchMe Canada
4 YouCam Perfect USA
5 B612 South Korea


6 Impressia Russia
7 Retrica Korea
8 Snapchat USA
9 Relook Europe


  1. TouchRetouch: it is a photo enhancing application that aims to remove all the flaws from the photos. One of the best features of Touchretouch is it has an addition to editing the single images, group photos, collage photos as well. It edits photos at lightning-fast speed and works lighter on the phone.
  2. Snow: it is a popular editing application used instead of beauty Plus for having an eye-catching selfie. It has plenty of AR makeup effects that could create the best version of the photo using these effects. It also comes with different stickers which are updated regularly on any new occasion or season.
  3. RetouchMe: it is a complete photo-editing application; it allows its users to retouch or edit their photos, selfie, body, and facial parts. This has a unique feature of photo enhancement and adjustment of the picture of the user without having editing skills. It is not completely free, but its free version also has some notable features with some limitations.
  4. YouCam Perfect: it is the best alternative to beauty plus as it also has trendy stickers, auto-editing facility, makeup tools, beauty effects. It also offers a fantastic platform that is easy to use and manage photos after editing. Similar to beauty, plus it also has frames and templates.
  5. B612: it is totally dedicated to the filter and beauty camera application owned by snow application. It has some advanced features of facial recognition that could detect the user’s face and edit accordingly to make the editing realistic. B612 has many other features like modifying face into an animal or any other thing.
  6. Impressia: it has some advanced feature which allows its users to get to use the application quickly and took less time to edit photos. With the help of this application, the user could edit the photos immediately with all the attached features like pretty filter, fun fonts adjustable effects, and many more.
  7. Retrica: this is widely used and considered to be the second in the list of best editing tools. It is a unique filtered camera app that could be used to create evocative images of users in less time.
  8. Snapchat: snap chat is basically a messing or chatting application. Still, it could be used for the photo editing with different filters and lenses and could be shared on other social media platforms, the best thing is one could have different choices of filters and lenses. It adds up new lenses and filters daily for different occasions.
  9. Relook: this photo editing application is for the ios users to enhance the visualization of the photo and took the advantages of various features in the applications.


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