Top 14 Alternatives Of Baidu Map

Top 14 Alternatives Of Baidu Map

Hours after the ban of 59 apps belong to China people’s concerns are encompasses around alternatives available in the market against those applications. One of the Chinese app named Baidu map had strongly emerged in the world’s economy with the purpose to help people to reach their destination. While it serves a major advantage to view Chinese streets or places in English universal accepted language English. Baidu provides the locations of cities and towns, geographical features, store locators, the layout of roads, satellite images, and restaurant reviews. To break your concern and assist you to guide you over the whole journey so that you can reach your destination without using Baidu application.


Top 14 Alternatives Of Baidu Map


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Maps – Navigate & Explore United States
2 MAPS.ME – Offline maps, travel guides & navigation Nederland
3 HERE WeGo – City Navigation,80.9206,10,normal Chicago
4 MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps Czech Republic
5 CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic England
6 MyRoute-app Navigation: route editing & navigation Netherlands
7 Sygic: Voucher Edition Slovakia
8 iGO Navigation Hungary
9 Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps Czech Republic 
10 PathAway Outdoor GPS Navigator Canada
11 GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints Europe
12 GPS Track Viewer Germany
13 GPS Logger United Kingdom
14 Track My Trip – GPS Tracking & Online Sharing Germany


1.Maps – Navigate & Explore 


This app is best replacement of Baidu Map which is user-friendly, excellent performance App. An application developed to make the driving effortless and comfortable. Easy to use have everything you want, it displays traffic signals, street view, and have the offline feature also. Maps Direction is a very useful and helpful feature. It works great. Transferred data or share the between old and new phone easily. This is a highly recommend application in the play store for its excellent work and everyone likes very much – wonderful application.


2.MAPS.ME – Offline maps, travel guides & navigation


It’s a great Baidu Map substitute app especially for the offline maps and navigation experience which it gives, just one thing I’d like to mention that’s lane guidance on the motorway/highway and the voice to call street names from time to time. Overall great app and I do recommend it to people who need an offline navigation app. This offline map is a very useful and helpful app. It is a very great and unique application.


3.HERE We Go – City Navigation


This app is best Baidu Map alternatives it shows me exactly where I want to go what places are right to visit and it pops out my House location or wherever I’m going to. It helps you to navigate each and every corner of the city.


4.MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps


The free GPS navigation app is a very incredible app for using it on a daily basis. Comes with So many amazing features like offline navigation, weather, compass, and so many other interesting tools. It is very surprising to use its handy features available on the app. It took me where I wanted to go with absolutely no problems.


5.CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic


Map directions & GPS navigation application is a very good and excellent app. I like to use this app it is a fantastic and wonderful app. Amazing application and very easy to use with its excellent performance plus it Free GPS navigation which makes it a unique application in the play store. This work is very well. Traffic updates and weather alert is an astonishing feature which provides an update of whether time to time. I really like this application.


6.MyRoute-app Navigation: route editing & navigation


My Route-app is truly an amazing and exciting application, a very nice and easy to use application with User-Friendly Interface, It is the best app which provides the information about what happening on the street. Its results are very precise.


7.Sygic: Voucher Edition


This app is just marvelous because it shows you where the phone is operating from and who is operating it. All information is being collected by GPS. You need to keep your GPS turned ON all the time. You can search for a place you want to go and it will guide you properly. It is highly recommended to anyone who wants to use a very good navigation system. The app is very useful, reliable, and easy to use. I have found it consistent in performance and can recommend it


8.iGO Navigation


iGO Navigation Map Route Finder App has a brilliant design and awesome interface. It is a brilliant application for a Good navigation system with displays accurate road works and closures. The app tracks also track running and cycling so accurately, Good for tracking for athletes. It provides accurate distances and speed at an object is moving.


  1. Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps


Perfect and very accurate every time. Easy to use, helps you get an accurate outlook by giving you an overview of surrounding terrain as it relates to a specific location. You don’t get lost in unimportant details like on your automobile “GPS”. You easily recall an abstract overview in your mind of the area and armed with this knowledge, you could almost be able to navigate blindfolded!


10.PathAway Outdoor GPS Navigator


Every time I use it, it works great quick and easy. Does the job without all the clutter of other apps. The app is too nice, it takes to the destination perfectly with voice directions. It behaves like Google Maps.


11.GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints


It’s very good because it gives the full address of the area where you live. Good app to know the current location and longitude, the latitude of the place. It is very consistent and reliable. I will use it all the time for clear coordinates


12.GPS Track Viewer


Nice app Location – street address, GPS, Map & Widget. Really helped me with my location. GPS Track Viewer is similar app like Baidu Map it tells you the exact location even at an unknown place, which not any other app can do for you. This is really a great app!!!! It gave me what I wanted without hassles. I’m looking forward to furthering developments and the latest update of the app.


13.GPS Logger

Good App to share or save my current location included my exact postal address so that my friends can get my full address. This is a fantastic tracking and it gives you a lot of information for the place.


  1. Track My Trip – GPS Tracking & Online Sharing

Excellent app. Reliable, Informative, clear, and concise. Best app I’ve found for mapping routes, distance, and duration. Very satisfied with the performance. It tracks both walking and driving routes also times very well. It is easy to set up and use.



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