Top 10 Alternatives Of CamScanner


Ministry of electronics (IT) released a press mentioning names of 59 apps that the Government Of India has banned including CamScanner. It is a great step to throw Chinese viruses (applications) who were dominating the Indian digital market and indirectly affecting the Indian economy. The government said in clear terms – “prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order.

It can be considered a very bold statement by Gov. of India, all around everyone is talking about this NEWS. 

Many industries, students, professionals, and self-employed seems shocked and stressed because not getting the other available options 

on Google Play Store and Apple Store. To help you out we are sharing 10 alternatives of CamScanner –


Top 10 Alternatives Of CamScanner


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 IndiScan India
2 Fast doc scanner HD: cam scan, PDF scan, QR scan India
3 Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR USA
4 Microsoft office lens – PDF Scanner USA
5 Scanner app to PDF – TapScanner Canada
6 Photoscan by google photos USA
7 Genius scan+ – PDF scanner Europe
8 TurboScan: scan documents and receipts in PDF USA
9 Camera to PDF scanner Vietnam
10 Smart doc scanner: free PDF scanner app Bulgaria


IndiScan – Made in India PDF scanner app

IndiScan application is used for scanning images and documents from a mobile phone. It is an Indian app that scans doc. and images from your gallery and camera roll. It transfers files such as PDFs and images fast and easily. The user can use this app for scanning :

  • – id cards
  • – books
  • – bills
  • – receipts
  • – business cards
  • – whiteboards and many more doc. 

It does not leave watermark on scanned images. The user can save their documents as images. The user can export doc. in jpeg format free. The user can add many files in a single document.


Fast doc scanner HD: cam scan, PDF scan, QR scan

Fast doc scanner HD is a free application of scanning and converting the files. As its name itself says it gives you the scanned images in HD quality.


Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Adobe scan is a free scanner application. It has OCR technology which helps to recognize handwriting and printed text. Is has a fast PDF scanner. The user can select any photos from the gallery or camera roll and can create images using crop, rotate, adjust color features. The user can turn their photo into a high-quality doc. as it has an automated text recognition feature. It clicks any kind of form like tax receipts, notes, bills, any card, etc. It has a great feature of recycling any content. It edits imperfections, marks, handwriting, stains, and creases.


Microsoft office lens – PDF Scanner

This application is a kind of little pocket scanner of file anywhere anytime. It was the best apps of 2015 in the United States and Puerto Rico by google play. The user can use this app to convert images to PDF, word, ppt, etc. The user can here import images from the gallery. It will raise one’s productivity in their work. The user can click a photo of whiteboards and can scan n save it here. It helps students to share their notes easily. They can capture classroom handouts and notes and save them in one place. The user can click pictures offline.


Scanner app to PDF – TapScanner

Tapscanner manages print and scans documents into PDF. It has a high-quality PDF output. It scans QR, receipts, documents, business cards. It scans any kind of document and saves it in the PDF form. It detects borders when you scan doc. It has different filters to use for your work. It manages the scanned documents easily. It supports more than 110 languages. It has h great feature of cloud integration which syncs and backups content to the cloud. It also scans the QR code.


Photoscan by google photos

Photoscan is a google application. The user can here capture photos and can scan and save it in the gallery or camera roll. The user can scan free. It has an automatic cropping option. It corrects your rotation in rectangular and straight form. It does not take too long to scan your documents, images. It takes less time in editing. It also backup the scans to keep it safe and organized. It has a great feature of editing that brings scanned images in the form of movies, filters.


Genius scan+ – PDF scanner

This application can scan the documents and images quickly and the user can export it in a gallery so easily. The user just has to capture the image and it gives the perfect scanned file with automatically crop, coloring, and other designs.


TurboScan: scan documents and receipts in PDF

This application is a great document scanner. It is a multipage scanner app with full features. It scans types of files such as receipts, notes, photos, documents, whiteboards, id cards, etc. The user can save and share their documents in PDF or JPEG form. This is a free app where a person can send three multipage documents. It detects doc. edges straight it and also set a perfect contrast. It has good features like brightness, rotation, color controls, all in one screen. It has fast processing. It manages and arranges your pages in the form and can delete easily while making in pdf form.


Camera to PDF scanner

This is another application that scans the documents in PDF and JPEG form. And this app ensures that it does not take any personal data of users. It scans different types of files. 

This automatically adds different colors, grayscale, and shades(black and white) in the scanned file. It has many kinds of sizes. It searches quickly and has fast speed.


Smart doc scanner: free PDF scanner app

This app is basically used for scanning files which also allows you to save and share that scanned file. It accepts any kind of invoices, receipts, or other articles. This app can scan images or documents quickly. It can set the frames of the documents. The user can zoom the scanned file to see it properly.



This is the time to appreciate our Indian system, not the time to criticize. India will soon develop more compatible applications and more advanced ones. As of now, we have shared 10 best replacement available on the internet of CamScanner.


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