Top 18 Alternatives of Clash of Kings


We all know access to something and it goes in the right direction when it is about Digital Products. As we all know some digital product has 

an adverse effect on human health, especially concerning securing the future of a nation that is the Youth of a nation. It goes without saying there are some apps that have a negative impact on youth, and gradually these apps affecting every age of people. 

Wheather decision to ban 59 apps may appear small steps taken against China but experts say it is a great initiative that will progress over a period of time. For instance, we all familiar with a Chinese gaming application “Clash of Kings” that plays a very big role to waste the precious hours of our day. Still, one is pursuing a career in the gaming or use games to earn money would have started missing days of Clash of Kings also so tensed to get alternatives to this gaming app. 


You are at the right place to equip you with best alternatives of Clash of Kings –


Top 18 Alternatives Of Clash Of Kings


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link origin country
1 Empires and Allies United states
2 Star Wars: Commander United States

Jungle of heat: War of Clans Nederland

Enemy Lines Spain
5 Battle Glory China
6 Battle Dragons Dhaka
7 Clash of lords Singapore
8 Friendly Fire United states
9 Battle beach Washington State
10 Total Conquest France


11 Game of War; Fire Age United states
12 Summoners War Korea
13 Empire; Four Kingdoms Germany
14 Age of Warring Empire Hong Kong
15 Hills of Flory 3D Free Europe


Empires and Allies

Zygna Los Angeles Studio’s first combat and strategy game. Launched in 2011 in 12 twelve different languages across the world. Within 3 weeks of its launch, it was downloaded by 33 million users. This game is the best alternative to the clash of kings.


Star Wars: Commander

Developed by Disney Interactive Star Wars: Commander is real-time combat and strategic mobile game. The game provides you with tower defense gameplay in which the story revolves around two factions. It has star wars characters like Han Solo and many others.

Jungle of heat: War of Clans 

In this game developed and published by B.V., you must save your kingdom from bloodthirsty murderers and protect your resources. The game comes with different resolutions to play on different mobile phones with different capabilities.

Enemy Lines

       Enemy Lines is an excellent, 3D, Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online, Strategy,    Real-time Combat, Tower-defense, and Fantasy video game developed and published by Kiwi. In the game, you can assume the role of commander, and your primary job is to create your base, recruit your troops, and crush your enemies.

Battle Glory

Another alternative to the clash of kings is Battle Glory which includes fantastic characters and allows you to select one of them to get into the game world. This game is so realistic that you make your kingdom, plan out your circuit, train your troops, and much more. Try this now.

Battle of command

Spacetimes studios, a united states game developer studio brings you this full of action, real-time combat, and strategic mobile game that becomes addiction within hours of its download. You can play the game with other online players from all around the world. 


Battle Dragons 

One more wonderful alternative to the clash of kings is provided and developed by spacetimes studios, United States. Battle Dragons is a spectacular 3D, Action, Mobile Strategy, Tower-defence, Collectible Cards, and Fantasy-based video game developed and published by Spacetime Games.


Clash of lords

Clash of Lords is a marvelous, Action, Massively Multiplayer Online, Mobile Strategy, Tower-defence, and Fantasy video game developed and published by IGG.Com.  you can play games with your friends and strangers around the world. 

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is an addictive, Action, Strategy, Real-time Battle, Tower-defense, and Fantasy video game developed and published by ShortRound Games. It has some unique features and game strategy than other battles and war games. Play now and cut off from the real world. 


Battle beach

The game offers fast-paced, card collectors, tower-defence, and real-time combat elements, providing you with exciting gameplay. One of the best alternatives to the clash of kings with an offline and online game mode which makes it easy to play anytime anywhere in the world.


 Total Conquest 

One of the biggest game developer Gameloft brings you the action thrilling and real-time combat with multiple functions and game mode which makes it an addiction to the users. The game takes place in the Roman Empire and lets you assume the role of Legend.


Game of War; Fire Age

The game takes place in a fantasy world and allows you to explore it and uncover its secrets. Developed and published by American based game developer machine zone games promises you one of the best battle games available in the market.


Summoners War

South Korea is best known for its technology whether it be hardware or software. Summoners war is developed by South Korean game developing studio Com2us. In this game, there are more than 900 sorts of monsters who want to attack and destroy your town. Play now and save your city.

Empire; Four Kingdoms

 Empire: Four Kingdoms is an addictive, Mobile Strategy, Massively Multiplayer Online, Tower-defense, and Fantasy video game created and published by Goodgame Studios. You must protect your kingdom from murderers, brutal enemies and their bosses, who want to loot your resources and kill your people.

Shadow Kings 

Shadow Kings is an Engaging Action, Mobile Strategy, Tower Defense, Combat, and Fantasy video game developed and published by Goodgame Studios. The game takes place in the fantasy world and allows you to explore it and uncover its secrets.

Dino Empire

In this game, you will find several heroes, and the game enables you to select one of them and jump into the world where the main goal is to gather and train the powerful heroes and fight for glory. You can create your tribe and defend it from brutal enemies.

Age of Warring Empire

Age of warring empire offers you fast-paced, thrill-packed, tower defense, and exploration gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in Tactical combat experience. You are just one step away from the addiction of this game. Developed by Elex, an Austrian game Developer Studio.

Hills of Glory 3D Free Europe

Hills of Glory 3D Free Europe is an addictive, Adventure, 3D, Free-to-play, Mobile Strategy, Tower Defense, and Fantasy video game developed and published by AMA Ltd. The game is set in the WWII-themed and lets you engage yourself in tactical combat experience.

A Final Words On Clash of Kings:

Some people also use games to shred their stress of the whole day and some use games as a break to escape from work pressure life or awful relation. But we care for you and take care of your choices. Hence, we took responsibility to share Top 18 alternatives of Clash of Kings

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