Top 9 Alternatives Of ES File Explorer

How do you store all files on your phone? How you ensure your all files are safe? How do you copy/paste files from one folder to another? The answer lies in two ways either in your PC or File Manager in your Phone. 

Here, we are going to discuss mostly used file explorer – ES File Explorer. However, answer to all the above questions lie in this ES File Explorer, it serves everything to the users in one click. One can manage all files, folders, videos, and every kind of data very conveniently. People love to use it because it allows users to edit, rename, delete, copy, cut, paste, and every kind of function a PC can do for you. 


What you can do after the ban of ES File Explorer?


Switch to other options. There is no need to increase the burden of your head just to find the right available File Explorer in the market. We are going to equip you with many alternatives available in the market in place of ES File Explorer and we are happy to inform you that many of file explorer also belongs to our nation India – You should Go for It

Top 9 Alternatives Of ES File Explorer

Sl No App Name Play Store Download link Website Country Origin
1 Files By Google California
2 File Manager(Picture Editor Studio App & collage) California
3 File Manager-Local & Cloud File Explorer India
4 File manager Korea
5 File manager (Maple Media) Canada
6 ASTRO File Manager California
7 Smart File Manager Korea
8 Samsung My Files Korea
9 Simple File Manager- manage File Easy & Fact Slovakia



1.Files By Google:  This app best for those people, who lack time to manage files. Files by Google is a tool that cleans, shares, and backs up files. It’s an all-in-one choice for those in need of a file carrying program for their phones. The most useful part of this app is the option to free up storage space. Any device, regardless of the storage size, this eventually display up all useless caches and files or apps, and you can delete these to reclaim space. It serves more than a stupid Chinese ES File Explorer, and we no longer need to depend on the Chinese app when such the best replacements like Files By Google are already available in the market.


2.File Manager(Picture Editor Studio App & collage): File manager is the most useful and easy to use file programmer, that works quickly and efficiently with your phone. This app supports multiple cloud storage and supports more than 30 languages. You can backup, open, create a shortcut, and uninstall your app’s.


3.File Manager-Local & Cloud File Explorer: This is the simplest complete Powerful pack of Small Free app, to manage files like movies, images, documents, apps, music on your mobile. File Explorer lets you manage and access storage with a function to copy and paste files, backup files, delete files, show hidden files, transfer files, compress and decompress files, extract and perform many such similar actions easily. 


4.File manager:  Manage your files and folders in a very simple and natural way, as you do on your desktop or laptop. You can keep important things close – add them to Favorites, Bookmarks are available in the app drawer. Very helpful for students because it lets you save the documents subject or topic wise. Students can use it to keep their notes or exam papers safe. Shortcuts to most important directories: Documents, Downloads, Camera, Music, Movies, and Pictures.


5.File manager (Maple Media): This file Manager is a fully-featured file explorer & app manager to help with file transfer, accessing files, and document management. And access files on microSD, complete a large file transfer and backup a file, folder, or directory on USB flash drive. File Manager assists in transferring content between internal phone storage, USB flash drive, pen drive, memory card, and cloud storage.


6.ASTRO File Manager: It is known for best cloud functionality plus ASTRO File Manager supports all significant cloud services plus combines a file manager as a data saver on your device both offline and online. This File Manager is a powerful File Manager for Android. It allows limited local storage and unlimited cloud storage management and allows you to organize files between MicroSD, internal memory, and cloud channels. You can save the backup, important photos, and files securely move, copy, and backup files to SD cards or any safe cloud space. These are the top ASTRO features that will help you to take control of all your digital files plus it serves as the best alternative to replace ES File Explorer.


7.Smart File Manager: This file browser is the best of itself.

Easy to share a file as well as store file, Smart File Manager provides all file management operations including creating new file or folder, delete duplicate files or folders, rename them, move files, copy files, cut and paste, view details, delete files, open files, file browsing, share files, etc. to manage files in internal storage, SD Card. You can hide your videos, files, images, docs, pdf with the help of this cryptic folder available in our simple and smart file manager.


8.Samsung My Files: Samsung My Files is the official file manager for the Korean company Samsung. Samsung My Files got an effective, smooth, and lightweight file manager. This simplicity turns out to be highly useful to help you find any element you’re looking for in seconds.

The best thing is such a prominent file explorer owned by a most reliable company Samsung that is free to use. 


  1. Simple File Manager- manage File Easy & Fact: This tiny file manager contains multiple powerful security-related functions, like password protecting hidden items, deleting files, or the whole app. You can choose between using a pin, face recognition pattern, or a fingerprint to keep your data private. A lightweight quick file manager for everyday use. Provides a beautifully intuitive user experience based on Material Design.


A Final Verdict


As we have come to an end, after discussing all features, functions, and specialties of Top 9 Alternatives Of ES File Explorer available at Play Store and Apple Store, we hope you have got a wide variety to choose from according to your convince. Now you can stop worrying to keep your files safe and sound and go ahead with any of the File Explorer. 

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