Top 14 Alternatives Of Helo With Country Origin

After days of a press released to throw out 59 Chinese apps from India Digital market, people seem disturbed. The reason people seem so fickle is not getting the replacement apps of these Chinese applications. Their anger and the fickle mood are way clear by their tweets, rib-tickling memes, and pinching posts they are using on social media and other channels. 

Good new…..we is presenting a great collection of 14 applications that you can use as a Helo replacement app.


Top 14 Alternatives Of Helo

Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Mitron India 
2 Dubsmash Germany
3 Cheez India 
4 Lomotif Singapore
5 Firework India
6 Funimate Turkey
7 Video star South Korea
8 Mudeo ISRAEL
9 Byte American
10 Triller New York
11 Lasso United States
12 Chingari India 
13 Squad San Francisco
14 Yovo Super Kalakaar India 


Mitron- India 

Mitron app is a short video app, where one can post their videos socially and earn likes and comments for the same. It’s another social media platform where users can share their content. However, this app is made in India. This app is developed in Pakistan but rebranded in India as a mitron.


Dubsmash -German 

Dubsmash is a short video sharing application where one can make short videos mostly by lip-syncing. It itself is not a social media platform as you cannot share any content there, but it relies on other apps where you may post the content. This is a video messaging app that allows users to lip-sync sound, dialogue, lyrics, quotes, etc.


Cheez- India

Cheez is a similar app to Dubsmash as you cannot share your videos on the app itself and just create it there. Users can record themselves performing jokes, stunts, or dancing and then share those videos on platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. You will also get to earn rewards if your videos generate enough likes, comments, and shares. 


Lomotif- Singapore 

Lomotif is a free video making app where a user can make cool music videos to almost any song that they wish to. It also provides video editing from camera roll and other effects too. It is a fun app to create little works of your art to share with your family and friends on a social media platform and which is within a few clicks.


Firework- India

Similar to Helo, the firework is another social media app where users can share 30 seconds videos either by using their own sounds or a pre-existing one and share it on the platform itself.


Funimate – Turkey

This app is the easiest to use and the most fun video editor to create awesome music videos with never before seen real-time effects and transitions. This provides more than 100 effects for the same.


Video star- south Korea 

This is a fun music video creation tool that allows kids to make original music videos on the song they like. However, this app just records video and not audio with numerous effects available.


Mudeo- ISRAEL 

This app is different from others as it helps you to easily collaborate on multi-track music videos. One artist can start a song and their other artists can edit it to make a complete perfect song.


Byte – American 

Byte is an American social networking app where users can create 6-second looping videos and share them further with the community. It also aims to be a direct successor of entertainment.


Triller- Newyork

This is an entertainment platform developed for enthusiast creators only where you can show the world your creative talent plus your creativity by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds. Users can express themselves and connect with the content they love.


Lasso by Facebook 

This app is released by Facebook which helps users to create fun and short videos. On Lasso, users can record themselves dancing and lip-syncing to music as similarly done in Helo and share it further on the app as well as other social media platforms.


Chingari- Indian

The Chingari app is another short video sharing app developed in Bengaluru, India. The app allows users to upload and download videos, interact and chat with friends even with new users as well. Chingari is a short video sharing platform that is free to download. Users can even watch the videos without signing in.


Squad- San Francisco

This is an app which earlier just available just for IOS users. However, now it’s available for Android users as well. This is a free app that offers unlimited text, videos, and screen sharing easily. Start a room and invite your friends for video call, screen share, etc on your smartphone,tablet or computer.  


Yovo super kalakaar- India 

This is an app where you can show off your talent through a community that lets you connect to thousands of fans. You just have to create tons of videos to gain popularity so that other users vote for you. As high the ranking, as high the chances are of getting prizes.


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