Top 14 Alternatives Of Likee With Country Origin

Top 14 Alternatives Of Likee With Country Origin

Dear readers, there is one extraordinary, phenomenal, incredible, and shocking good news is spreading like a fire. In such a case, how you can be left unaffected – we are again here to acknowledge you with a digital drift made by the Indian Government by ban 59 applications of China. Experts consider it as a smart turn do promote make in India, in the future we can surely expect young genius protecting the throne of the digital economy of India with the introduction of Indian developed apps. If we talk about the current scenario of Indian youth we see more them are indulge to use the Application not developing the application, for example – Tik Tok, Kwai, Viva, and likee. If we talk about the application name Likee, which has already gone deep down in the Indian market. Still, there are many applications available on the internet similar to Likee, some of them named down.


Top 14 Alternatives Of Likee App


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Funimate Turkey
2 Dubsmash Germany
3 Lomotif Singapore
4 Mitron India 
5 Cheez India 
6 Mudeo ISRAEL
7 Triller New York
8 Firework India
9 Video star South Korea
10 Byte American
11 Squad San Francisco
12 Lasso United States
13 Yovo Super Kalakaar India 
14 Chingari India 


  1. Funimate app is a Turkish app, launched by Kemal Ugur and M.Oguz Bici. Funimate is a video editing and live streaming app.It is much similar to Tiktok, with features like video editing, lip-sync,slow-mo, effects, music, etc. The user can make a video on the funimate app and then post it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It has a 4.4-star rating on Google Play and is also affiliated as an editor’s choice.


2.Dubmash is a German video sharing social media app by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke, Daniel Taschik. The app allows users to lip-sync on audio and songs, along with an immense variety of creative effects. It was released in 2014 and within a week had reached the number one position in Germany.


3.Lomotif app was co-founded by two Singaporeans and one Indian Deepak Sharma. This app helps the user to create short videos with music. The name ‘lo-motif’ is made up of joining two terms ‘lo’ referring to low fidelity or quality and ‘motif’ meaning a pattern (of music).


4.The Mitron app is developed by India as an alternative to Tiktok. This app is made by an IIT Roorkee student, Shivank Agarwal. This app is similar to Tiktok and allows the user to make 15 seconds short video. It is also a light app of just 4.0 Mb, which could be a reason for the high number of downloads.


5.Cheez is an Indian social video application by cheetah mobile inc. It allows the user to add music, effects, filters, and stickers in a short video up to 17 seconds. This app connects the user to a short video creator community and lets the user showcase his or her talent.


6.Mudeo is an Israeli app that is right now in its developing period that’s why it has many bugs and problems which are being corrected by the developers plus it is slightly different from Tiktok and mostly focuses musicians around the world.


7.Triller is a New York-based A-I powered video sharing app founded in 2015. It helps the user to create a professional-looking short video. It has 100+ filters along with texts and stickers. Many personalities have made videos on triller apps like Justin Bieber, Chance the rapper, Rita Ora, Kevin hart, etc.


8.Firework application is a silicon valley based which allows creators to make a 30-second video. Firework claims that it was the fastest social media app to achieve 1 million users in 5 months while still in its beta version. This app has a different feature from its competitors, which allows the user to shoot and view video horizontally.


9.Video star is a south Korean video editor app. The user can merge photos and videos along with music and effects. This app can be used for making special videos for friends and families. The user can also upload the video over different social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.


10.Byte in an American video community app, this app is not available in the Indian region. In this app, the user can make a looping video of 6 seconds. This app is the successor of the vine app which was affiliated by twitter. Byte was downloaded 1.3 million times in its first week of launch.


11.Squad app is a San Francisco based screen sharing app which lets the users make video calls and photo sharing. multiple people can join the call and share multimedia. This app is useful in the corona era where most people are in homes and require this type of apps to connect with family and friends.


12.Lasso app is an initiative by Facebook, released in 2018. It is very similar to Tiktok app and allows the users to create short trending videos. This app is currently only available in the USA and Latin America. This app has features like slow motion and fasts forward to make entertaining videos along with popular music.


13.Yovo super kalakar app in an Indian app which allows it’s a user to earn along with creating videos. This app has special games and tasks through which the user can win exciting cash and prizes. This is a new app but still has over 1 million downloads 


14.Chingari is an Indian video editing and sharing app. It allows the user to create funny and entertaining videos. Chingari app is available in 10 Indian languages which allow the creators to reach a larger audience. 



As a developing country, this step was indispensable to take, one thing is self-evident that India has so much potential and capabilities. Indian citizens do not need to rely on Chinese virtual products, with the above list of 15 alternatives of Likee app – India can create its own dependency itself.




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