Top 10 Alternatives Of ShAREit

Top 10 Alternatives Of ShAREit

As we all know the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps on 29 June 2020 including Tik Tok, Xender, Mi video call, Helo, Vigo, Likee, ShAREit, and more. If we talk about the most usable application among all banned Chinese apps, SHAREit occupies it is space without saying. We all have experienced the moment of college or office when we have to conduct a meeting or a presentation and SHAREit always helped us to do so. It enables us to share or transfer any file between two devices. If you are worried that how you will conduct such kind of transfer in the absence of this Chinese application. We are introducing the top 10 alternatives of SHAREit.


top 10 alternatives of SHAREit


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Files Go US
2 Send Anywhere Korea
3 Feem v4 Africa
4 Easy Join Europe
5 TrebleShot Turkey
6 JioSwitch India
7 Share ALL India
8 SmartShare India
9 SFT India
10 Nearby Sharing Canada



1.Files Go – This app is developed by Google. It is one of the most popular apps to share files or folders. It is a great initiation taken by Google to enable users to transfer videos, audios, docs, gif, pdf, files, or any kind of folder. One unique feature of Files Go lets a user free up space in just click as it automatically detects any duplicate or repeated file and deletes them plus erase unused apps, clear your cache, and more.

             Features of Files Go :




2.Send Anywhere – Send anywhere is not a Chinese application it is based on the Seoul region which is found in Korea. 

         Headquarter Address – 5F, 28, 77-gil, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu 

                                                Seoul, Republic of Korea

It contains the size of 23M with over 10,000,000+ downloads. Also, it has an astonishing rating of 4.7 on Google play store. You can protect the files you transfer by password, even No Sign-in or registration is required to share or transfer the file. It proved a useful feature to make a shareable link.


3.Feem v4 – This application is to consider an application from Africa. It is widely known as out of all solutions because it has mind-blowing features and ease of use. It has installed over 100,000+ with a size of 13M and current version 4.4.2. It works perfectly fine on all kinds of devices like tablets, android 6, PC, laptops, etc. It doesn’t require the user to be online but devices should be enabled Wi-Fi and Hotspot.


4.Easy Join – The developer belongs to Greece, the application is faster than Bluetooth. Easy Join has a really easy to use user interface! But is not available for free as of now its price is 1,100 in the market. It is more secure than any Chinese app, it does not track your data or location, your data stays in your devices. Some features are mentioned below : 

  • Phone calls & SMS
  • Sharing Files & folder
  • Reply message from your PC.
  • Send P2P messages and links
  • Free browser plugins
  • Group texting


5.TrebleShot – It is originated from a Turkey-based private limited company that has the high potential to beat big tycoons in the market. One benefit which makes it different from other apps is you can share as many files or folders in one single Zip file. 


6.JioSwitch – It is the first India based application in our list. JioSwitch app is used for transferring of data. It transfers a large range of file types between smartphones. There are no size limits for sharing photos and videos. It works without using any internet connection and helps to save data during file transfer. JioSwitch transfers 100 times quicker than the Bluetooth. Wirelessly we can transfer files easily. It has a cross-platform that transfers files from android to smartphones and with PC too. 


7.Share ALL – Share ALL founded in India. Share ALL application is an offline file transferring app. It transfers PDF, office, videos, pictures, music, etc without using any cable. No need for mobile data for transferring files.


8.Smart Share – One of the best Indian applications available in the market that can be used both on IOS and Android for sharing and transferring files. The best thing is it is available for free to use. Smart Share serves as a great tool to share pictures, docs, audio, video, and files. 


9.SFT – One more application that belongs to India. It is full form is Files Sent To TV a lot better than ShareIT and ShareMe. It also enables you to send files to blackberry 7os, apple phone, and as well as Windows Phone. Actually, you can send files to any phone which contains a browser in it. It works instantly on TV. Currently, it is not available in the market but will be soon available and well ready to get Boom in the market. 


10.Nearby Sharing – Canada has developed this software for its own country citizens, but with high popularity, it spread widely on the globe. Now, it has millions of downloads and users all around the globe. Nearby Sharing app is compatible with Chrome OS, Linux, Windows, Mac. 


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