Top 14 Alternatives Of Tik Tok With Country Origin


Indian Government has taken down 59 applications of china, while Chinese apps had been set foot deep in the Indian market. A huge number of Chinese applications has already won the hearts of Indian, among those Tik Tok is the highest trending application among youngsters. People love to make videos on Tik Tok then share with Facebook, Insta, etc., not only this many youngsters have built their careers through this application. They tend to make funny, lip sing or copy short videos with fantastic background music that the audience loves to watch it. 

Yet, even after the ban, there is no need to scare or worry about, your acting career is still in safe hands of below mentioned top 14 tiktok alternative apps similar to Tik Tok.

Top 14 Alternatives Of Tik Tok


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Dubsmash Germany
2 Lomotif Singapore
3 Mitron India 
4 Cheez India 
5 Funimate Turkey
6 Firework India
7 Byte American
8 Chingari India 
9 Triller New York
10 Video star South Korea
11 Lasso United States
12 Mudeo ISRAEL
13 Squad San Francisco
14 Yovo Super Kalakaar India 



  1. Dubsmash: Origin – Germany 

Dubsmash application is used for making fun lip sync videos and memes. It is an entertaining app one will entertain family and friends. it has the biggest collection of quotations, dialogues from different TV shows, movies, songs, etc. It is a best tiktok alternative app. Here one can upload their own voice and can add different text animations and filters. Mainly this app is used for dubbing your own voice or audio and add to any clip. User can share their video on social media and share with their friends by saving it.


  1. Lomotif: Origin – Singapore

Lomotif is a video editor app, it makes music video clips that can create slide shows of pictures and videos. It is a good entertaining app for creating your own videos by adding different backgrounds, animations, and GIFs. Users can add music to their mini-videos and can join your photos, clips into a collage. User can edit their selfies in this app. It saves your montages to your gallery in HD quality plus it quickly shares your videos to any social media apps without loading for long. App has really good gestures and GIF collection. and has so many awesome filters too.


  1. Mitron: Origin – India 

Mitron app makes mini music videos and socializes. It created videos with humor. It is a platform where user can edit their videos and create their own videos. It can edit your videos by adding different features like amazing backgrounds and animations. Easy to select different sounds and designs to make your video more bright. It can fix your video bugs. It is a good platform to show your innovative ideas and socializes or shares that others will entertain with your videos.


  1. Cheez: Origin – India 

We are taking about similar app like tiktok how can we forget ‘Cheez’. It is a fun making video app. ‘Cheez’ the word itself describes smile. So this app will make people smile with the videos on comedy, pranks, fashion, etc. It is a fun video making app. With your innovative ideas and talent, you can make the other person smile. One of the most enjoyable features in this app is that you can chat live. You can meet new fun people here. With high quality, you can watch live streams and the user can easily find their favourite streams. Users can send awesome virtual gifts to friends and others.


  1. Funimate: Origin – Turkey

Funimate is a video editor app. Funimate is an amazing tiktok replacement app which allows users to edit and create their videos. Funimate has so many features like making amazing music video clips, crop their videos along with lip sync in their videos, and add images, text animations, emojis, stickers, different color effects, slow-motion clip, etc. The transition is really easy to add to this app. Users can share videos on different social media platforms.


  1. Firework: Origin – India

It’s a great replacement of tiktok which provides a platform where one can create 30-second videos or short videos. It features its own real content series. It features trending content topics for users to create their video amazing. Is had a good collection of content to make videos in some clicks. User can find their interest in wise curate videos.


  1. Byte: Origin – American

There are lot of new apps like tiktok and Byte is one of them. Byte application is used for showing people’s creativity and talent by making loop videos. Users can make here mini videos of six seconds. It includes really good features that one would expect from any video social app. Like small content feed, a page where you can find new people and interesting content. You can follow their page profile also.


  1. Chingari: Origin – India 

Chingari is a good tiktok substitute which provides a platform where people can share and create short videos. They can download videos and can chat with others. It includes videos like trending and entertaining news, memes,shyaris, clips, wishes, status, and videos. They can make audio clips, GIF stickers, videos, and many more by adding different custom-designed features.


  1. Triller: Origin – New York

This application is a social media platform where creators can show their talent and new ideas. Users can create different videos of their interest. It’s a best app like tiktok, a large no. of people make videos on this platform including famous. Hollywood singers, entertainers like Justin Bieber, Chance the rapper, Rae sremmurd, Rita ora, Kevin Hart, and more.


  1. Video star: Origin – South Korea


It is a video editor curator AAP. Users can create amazing videos also can edit photos and videos with music and other features. It has great video effects. It contains features like different filters, effects, trim and crop options, music, etc.


  1. Lasso by Facebook

It is an application where people can make short videos and can share those videos with friends and others. It contains amazing filters and effects. User can here edit videos, add texts and filters to their videos, lip-sync to music to create videos,


  1. Mudeo: Origin – ISRAEL

It is a platform where people can create multitrack music videos with their friends. Users can mix up the music and make amazing mashup by using this app. Great app for doing duets/trios with yourself.


  1. Squad: Origin – San Francisco

It is a platform where people can video chat and share screens. Users can show others anything on their phones with fun and fast screen sharing. Users can easily watch videos and browse social media together. Users can go live and share anything.


14.Yovo Super Kalakaar: Origin – India 

It is an app where people can create videos, win prizes, participate in contests, and can earn. Just ascertain what is on trending, make videos, and express yourself. It includes features like stickers, background, unique filters, etc.


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