Top 16 Alternatives of Vigo App With Country Origin


 Due to the current crisis of Ladhak, this made the Indian Government begin with a strong digital strike by taking down 59 most used Chinese applications. With this decision several social apps like Tik Tok, Vigo, Viva, etc where we all love to make videos and show our talent to the public. One of these apps Vigo was the fastest growing app also scaling up in the market at a high rate. With its easy to use features Indian people had become addicted to this, besides everyone supports such talent to reach its right place. If you are one of those who are struggling to find another way to show their talent. We are introducing such an amazing list of 16 applications that you can use in place of the Chinese Vigo app.

Top 16 Alternatives of Vigo App




Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Roposo India
2 Chums live Philippines  
3 RingID Canada 
4 Nonolive Hongkong
5 togetU India
6 Boomerang from Instagram San Francisco
7 Chingari India 
8 Lomotif Singapore
9  4Fun Poland
10 Yovo Super Kalakaar India 
11 VuClip United states
12 VK live Russia
13 Welike India
14 Snapchat California, US
15 Fx guru United kingdom 
16 Mitron India 


Roposo- India

It is an Indian video-sharing social media platform where people express their talent in the form of videos and pictures. It shows a teaser of trending of the fashion industry and once you clicked the suggested style, it gives you the link or website from where you can buy the same outlook.


Chums live – Philippines  

Chums Live is a live broadcast social media network that allows a person to go live and record their moments. It allows the person to interact with various talented live broadcasters. It gives a wide collection of funny videos, singing, dance and live events, and many more.


RingID- Canada 

RingID app allows the users to communicate with anyone with their individual ID for free of cost over the internet. RingID itself consists of around 90 features. Of course, the benefits are enormous like more storage space, lower battery consumption, and multitasking.


Nonolive- Hongkong

Nonolive is a platform that brings together so many high-quality anchors and in this video are shown live with the whole world. We can also share our videos with other users so that they can watch them later. The specialty of this app is that every virtual host can collect the gifts given by their fans.


togetU- India

togetU is a short video platform where you can discover unlimited exciting videos and showcase your talent to the world. This video makes brings unlimited collection of various kinds of funny videos like dance videos, comedy videos, DIY, etc with magic effects, music, and kawaii sticker.


Boomerang from Instagram 

The boomerang app clicks the burst of the pictures and then attaches them together into an HD video loop and this loop starts to play forward then again backward, it’s like a GIF video. Also, this video does not include audio. 


Chingari- India

Chingari is a short video sharing platform that is free to download and permits the users to view or share the short videos on the platform. Users can even watch the videos without signing in.


Lomotif- Singapore 

Lomotif is a free app that allows you to make cool videos to almost any song you want. It is a fun app to create little works of your art to share with your family and friends on a social media platform and which is within a few clicks.


 4Fun- Poland

4fun is a video community app, used to shoot and edit short videos for fun. This also pays you if it has been downloaded by the link given by you. It is usable on mobile phones. you can make new friends in the community and become a famous national wide.


Yovo super kalakar – India

YOVO Super Kalakar is a video making app, used to shoot videos and edit them. This app pays you up with money if you get more votes on your videos and also makes you famous among others.


VuClip- United states 

VuClip is a video sharing app, used to share videos and earn money, you can also make money by watching and sharing videos. You can also choose the category in which you want to watch videos.


VK live- Russian 

It is app to make and watch live videos using your VK accounts. You do need to have this account to use the app., but if you don’t have one yet you can create it within 2 minutes. It is simple to use. From the main tab, you can view the list of all trending streams. Selecting the video you can watch live that video in full screen also you can make your own video there.


Welike – India 

It is a social media application that unites millions of people through messaging and sharing of news anywhere around the world. It offers all significant services to let you have an exquisitely unique experience. You can send messages, share videos, photos and it helps to bind you with many people across the world.  


Snapchat – California, US

It is a fast and fun way to share moments with friends and family. it is a multimedia messaging app develop by snap inc. originally Snapchat inc. is one of the principal features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short period of time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. 


Fx guru – United kingdom 

It Is a tool that allows you to convert any video that you have made using your android device(no matter how boring or bland it is) into a Michael bay movie complete with spaceships, war robots, meteorites that fall from the sky and many explosions. In short, it is a fabulous tool to fulfill all your special effects requirements.


Mitron- India

Mitron app is a free short video social sharing platform for users to share content online. Basically, it is the best placement of tik tok in which you can clip short videos and it is only for entertainment purposes, made in India app can add effects on any of the video or content. For example, our cartoon which we have seen nowadays are based on effects only by using these apps.



So as per the conclusion, we want to address that it is the best time to boycott china. It is a great opportunity to start with boycotting China applications. 


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