Top 16 Alternatives Of Viva Application

After a ban of 59 applications from the Indian market, users of Viva applications seem disappointed with this decision of the Indian Government. While they are the same person who speaks about boycott china. On an internal level if we try to balance such diplomacy of their mind it more looks like they are not getting the right options to keep themselves entertained like they used to be with Viva application. As someone said very beautifully you need to find in the right direction to get the desired results. So, here is the list of desired results with the Top 16 alternatives of Viva Application. 

Top 16 Alternatives Of Viva Application


Sl No App Name Play Store Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Welike India
2 Mitron India 
3 Yovo Super Kalakaar India 
4 VuClip United states
5 Chums Live Philippines
6  4Fun Poland
7 Chingari India 
8 VK live Russia
9 Nonolive Hongkong
10 Adobe Premiere United states
11 Snapchat California, US
12 Boomerang from Instagram San Francisco
13 Fx guru United kingdom 
14 Lomotif Singapore
15 Roposo India
16 RingID Canada 


Welike roots grew from India ie it is an Indian app. Welike tend to be the best platform for WhatsApp status videos along with other short videos and trending clips. Welike entertain you in every aspect including sports, news, gossips, humor, and whatnot. It is a complete package of viral videos, jokes, pranks which you can watch on your android phone.


Mitron is an Indian app. The app promotes a short video creation platform for the social application. This application is developed for people to make innovative videos online with light humor. The size of this app is 7.7 MB. The current Rating of App is 4.7 Star. By using the Mitron app users can create, assemble, edit, and share their videos on the social platform. 


 Yovo super kalakar Indian originated Yovo super kalakar brings you a tremendous platform where your dancing skills are being judged. Here you can create dynamic dancing videos to get votes and become popular not only this but you can even earn reward and prizes.


Vuclip, an app all the way from the United States.vuclip is a prosperous one as from this platform you can earn coins, the reward just by sharing chat and WhatsApp statuses and inviting can even win royal pass and UC from this app. VClip is one of the best apps for DP and quotes.


Chums Live, an app designed in the Philippines is a social networking platform that enables you to interact with talented and impressive online Chumms live. With highly innovative features, Chums Live provides you a wide selection of shows like dancing, singing, cooking, dressing, tutorials, and many more.


4fun an international platform all the way from Poland. It is a funny and status video community app. It is an amazing app where you can download and share 1000s of short videos and songs. The app enables you to discover your own video presentations(slideshows), edit your photos, add text on your photos, etc.


Chingari is an Indian originated app. The Chingari App allows users to record and share short videos with incredible filters and games. It provides users with a chance to browse several kinds of content such as short videos, long videos, HD videos and you can download them, press like, share them, and more.


Vk Live is a Russian app. It is a platform where you can discover yourself by live streaming and can also watch others live streaming. Through this platform You can communicate to thousands by sharing your emotions, spreading awareness about something.


Nonolive is a Hongkong app that produces together many high-quality contracted anchors, high effects videos, amateur beauties, incredible transitions, and game advanced players to share happiness and passion with you. You can chat with your favorite anchor in real-time and share your feeling with other fans, viewers, or readers.


 Adobe Premiere clip originated from California, U.S has the basic functions that you would expect from a video editing tool, such as importing media, trimming videos, splitting them into clips, and adding background music. you will see your imported videos as thumbnails.


Snapchat is all the way from California, the US. This app facilitates the ability to add filters and AR-based lenses to snaps and show your live location on a world map. People love chat apps, and Snapchat has created an app that can endure people’s feelings in the form of voice, chat messages, and video calls.


Boomerang from Instagram enables you to create short, dynamic videos that you can share on Instagram. The dynamic feature is that the video lasts little more than 2 seconds and is basically a very quick succession of 10 photographs. The final result is really fun. It offers a quick, convenient, and fun ways to make short videos that you will enjoy.


Fx guru is made in the united kingdom. If you think your video is quite boring then this app can help you out by adding visual effects in order to make it spicier. It provides you free effects and transitions in the app, but ask for payment to unlock the 90 available effects.


Lomotif app discovered in Singapore consists of some best features of Adding popular tracks to your video clips not only this but also join your video clips (or photos) into a music video collage in seconds. The “scenes” feature allows kids to search through a collection of GIFs that can be added to their clips.


Roposo is an Indian app where people could express visually with homemade videos and photos not only this but app even offers a TV-like browsing experience with user-generated content on its channels. The app consists of the editing tools on its platform in order to scrutiny and upload their content.


RingId is a versatile app discovered in Canada. It is a social networking site which consists of all hottest feature including voice &video call, chats& secret chats, Newsfeed, News Portal, Live Sports, T.V & Media Channels. The app allows users to earn, learn, share, and fulfill their needs for social, entertainment, and professional life.


TogetU is a self-made nation(India) app It is an exquisite platform to showcase your talent to the outside world. In the world of immense competition, it’s too hard to discover yourself by entertaining others, in such a hard environment TogetU brings a stage to all who want to show their talents and to them also who boredom of sitting idol with no source of entertainment. Install out the incredible TogetU on your phone today.


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