Top 11 Alternative of QQ MAIL

Emails have taken the place of physical mail (mail by post) because these Emails are very fast to send and receive by just at the click of the mouse. Emails have become so important in our daily internet life. These emails help us reminding and managing the work in a very mode. All kinds of work like managing events, traveling information, shopping work, important appointments, meetings, daily calendar work can be done by using Emails. Through these Emails, our daily work life has become so easy and stress-free. These Emails are completely safe, secure, and easy to use with just a few clicks on your device while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with your dear ones.

QQ Mail is one of the widely used emails on the internet but it has been banned by the Indian Government due to the increased border security issues between India and China. 

Here are the other alternatives to QQ mail and we hope these alternatives will really help you in organizing and managing your work.


App Name Android Download Link iOS Download Link Website Country Origin
1 Microsoft outlook USA
2 Email Blue Mail USA
3 Meld mail Email Messenger
4 Rediff mail India
5 Aqua Mail Russia
6 Gmail USA
7 Email-Lighting fast and secure USA
8 Samsung Email South Korea
9 myMail Russia
10 USA
11 Boomerang


  1. Microsoft Outlook: It is one of the widely used mail on the internet millions of users use Microsoft outlook in their work, it offers you easy access to the calendar and files from your inbox, it helps you in managing your daily work in a very convenient option. One can schedule the meetings, daily appointments, just on a few clicks. It gives you a focused inbox so that one can keep the very important messages in a separate place.


  1. Email Blue Mail: It is free to use and smartly designed so that one experiences the management of work with a smile on their faces. It is ad-free, its interface is very easy to use. This email provides you a top-notch email service for all your email accounts like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, iCloud, and Office 365. It gives you an integrated calendar so that one can manage its meetings, daily appointments, work, daily events easily. Its features are group mail, share mail, people toggle switch, an email cluster, unified folders, spam management, dark theme, configuration menu, backup, smart conversations, notification, security.


  1. Meld mail Email Messenger: It is a smartly designed email that transforms your inbox and group emails by contacts so that you can connect with friends instantly. It provides you a filter so that you can respond to your important emails faster. Its features include multiple accounts, grouped into accounts, compatibility, and security to the user.


  1. Rediff mail: It is free and one of the widely used emails with millions of users. It is so intelligent that it enables you to read and respond to mail, add contacts, set reminders to the calendar, search for emails, view and save attachments even while traveling. The more interesting feature of this mail is that you can use it without the internet connection.


  1. Aqua Mail: Aqua mail enables you to easily access all your emails so that one completes their work in a very mode whether their work is personal or corporate work. Its features are back & store, multiple email options, security for login, smart folder, calendar sync for exchange, contacts, editing, save and share option.


  1. Gmail: The most popular and widely used mail on the internet with millions of users. It is easy to use an email that saves your time and keeps your messages completely safe. One can read and respond to the messages in both online and offline mode. It gives some cool features like multiple account support, 15 GB free storage, less spam, well-organized inbox.


  1. Email-Lighting fast and secure: This email allows you to manage unlimited email accounts in a seamless way. It gives you features like customization of your inbox, closer to zero inboxes, privacy from prying eyes, built-in-assistant, fewer mistakes, less digging, customizable notification, and privacy.


  1. Samsung Email: It is one of the widely used emails that will help you in managing the personal as well as business accounts seamlessly. Its key features include POP3 and IMAP support, conversion, and thread view to read related mail, policy administration with comprehensive, calendar, contacts, and task manager.


  1. myMail- It manages all your email accounts at once like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Live, Exchange, or GMX. Its key features are real-time push notifications, search through local and server contacts, filter for emails, email signature, add-delete and management of folders, email security.


  1. Yahoo Mail- Organised Mail: The most popular and widely used mail on the internet. It helps in organizing your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T, Yahoo mailbox. Its key features are attachment view, customization of inbox, unsubscribe option for spam and junk, travel view which keeps all your flight information in an organized view, deals view, groceries view to help you in organizing your shopping list, people view helps you to see only those emails which you receive from your favorite people and ignore the others, receipt view helps in empty your pocket from crumbled receipt because yahoo helps you in maintaining them neatly in your inbox, 1000GB storage, notification of emails, themes, text resizing, voiceover screen reader. Yahoo mail pro is available at purchase of $0.99/month or $9.99/year.The pro features of yahoo mail are auto-renewal of subscription of each month, manage or cancel of subscription via account settings.



Boomerang: It is a widely used email on the internet which gives you features like a dark theme, sending of multiple files at once, customization of emails, multiple address support, notes, reminder, tools, files, and pictures in one touch.

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