Top 8 Alternatives Of Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile

The whole propaganda to ban 59 Chinese apps indicates creating a trade deficit for China where country imports are more than exports. It is a great step towards dropping down Chinese application usage in India by Indian consumers, which will surely affect the Chinese economy at some level. There are many anti-viruses and phone cleaners available in the market which allows users to block spam and ads, protect your data and files, also a defence against data thieves and hackers, and more. One most popular phone cleaner Chinese app, Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile, is out of the Indian application market. The story is not over yet, there are many proven claims and consumer complaints floating in the Indian cyber security highlights that show how the Chinese apps including phone cleaners steal our data and track our activities on a daily basis. 

Hence, it is much better to stop using these applications, switch to other most reliable applications that are way safe to use them. We will also be aware of you with some applications that are the best replacement of Chinese app Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile.


Sl No. App Name Android Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Malwarebytes Security United States
2 Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus United Kingdom
3 Jio security India
4 Avast Antivirus Czech Republic
5 AVG Antivirus 2020 Czech Republic
6 Norton mobile United States
7 McAfee Mobile Security United States
8 ESET mobile Slovakia, Europe






1.Malwarebytes Security (Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware): This antivirus for Chromebook is an Android app, basically protects your chrome book and it will protect your privacy also. This malware for Android or Malwarebytes for Chromebook free download comes with 30-days trial of the premium version. It fights with advanced technologies, viruses or dangerous newcomers like ransomware before they can become a problem. When the 30- days trial will be ended Malwarebytes will only delete and clean but not prevent. We advise to add a free chrome extension, to experience faster page loading and protection against phishing, and tech support scams and risky sites.


2.Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security: This app has an amazing security feature that will protect your private communication & financial information with a secret code that lets you access only confidential apps selected by you. And it hides your sensitive data (photos, messages, files, and more). This is a powerful antivirus for Android and protects your device from the Internet threats while you are browsing by blocking phishing. This antivirus protection- acts as a virus cleaner automatically blocking on your phone & tablets.

 3.Jio security: This security app protects your device from cyber-crime attacks, it modifies communication between two users or systems. These cybercriminals may steal your password, bank account information, and other personal information. Jio security helps to keep personal information private and also keeps you safe from the prying eyes of hackers & other malware. Giving unnecessary app permission could be risky. Developers access our file which results in identity theft & other privacy risks.


4.Avast Antivirus: Protect your device by receiving the alert, secure your device against phishing attacks from the website, phone calls, SMS, Emails. This app has an amazing feature for advanced protection, sim security it will automatically register your device as last after a sim change. You can privately lock any app with Fingerprint, pattern, the PIN you will be able to access them. You can check your device’s last location before its battery dies. You can also hide your online activity & change your location access from anywhere antivirus can automatically scan your virus. You can contact Avast directly from the app to receive quick responses to your inquiries. It will Keep safer from the security of public Wi-Fi networks and email messages, browse safely, and make secure online payments from anywhere.


5.AVG Antivirus 2020: This Antivirus for Android to help protect your device from harmful viruses and you can keep your data safe, Apps, and much more. If you receive effective virus notification this antivirus app will help you as a shield for your device. It can scan harmful threats websites (Android’s default browser and chrome). It has VPN protection to secure your online privacy. You can hide many more things like photos apps, etc. It has an amazing performance. Extends battery life by turning off battery-draining settings with Power Save and It will clean unnecessary files and free up storage space. It has an amazing app Permissions to get insight into the level of permission required by your installed apps. 


6.Norton mobile: This is Norton mobile security antivirus (virus protection app. This Antivirus can catch virus instruction automatically during app installation. This app can catch spam call fraud call alerts You can choose to block these calls. This app can Safe Search identifies unsafe sites right in your search results before you navigate to a website. The trial period is limited for 30 days only as the available current version is updated on Google Play. It has a safer side System Advisor lets you know when your operating system has unprotected accessibility, so you can prepare in advance to take action to protect your device against cyber criminals that could take control of your device or steal your personal information.


7.Mobile Security( Antivirus, Wi-Fi VPN & Anti-Theft): This is a  McAfee Mobile Security app, this is for device security and keeps your device secure with this tool. Find Phone features to protect your device against theft, and some unique features like device optimization with storage cleaner, memory booster, battery booster, and data usage tracking from McAfee. Protect yourself with your smart security, privacy protection McAfee’s antivirus and spyware protection, and keep your private data away from prying eyes.


8.ESET mobile: This is a powerful and fast antivirus, for Android smartphones and tablets, It keeps your device safer. You are protected to check the detailed security report. After installing this app if you are sure about its permissions? Check them now using a security Audit. Pay once, use it on up to 5 devices connected to the same Google Account, After installing this app you will automatically get 30 days for free to try out, all the amazing premiums and to experience. What having a fearless Android experience means.



It has never been so easy to protect your device from uncertainty in the face of viruses. That is why make the best use of the above-given application and ensure your security.

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