Top 10 Alternatives of DU Privacy

In this digital world where everything is moving fast one thing that always worries everyone is the privacy and security of our digital files. Many of the internets always raise the question about the security of their files on their mobile and computer. These intelligently designed apps will provide you full security to your photos, videos, and important documents with upgrades like fingerprint lock, pattern lock, pin lock, password lock, intruder selfie, and backup so that all your data can be secured with full proof security. 


DU Privacy is one of the widely used apps for securing your data on the internet but it has been banned by the Indian Government due to the increased border security issues between India and China. 


Here are the other alternatives to DU Privacy and we hope all these alternatives will really help you in keeping your files and documents secure.


Sl. No. App Name Android Download Link iOS Download Link Website Country Origin
1 Digital Private Vault India
2 Folder Lock USA
3 Photo Locker Cyprus
4 Safe Gallery(Media Lock) app store
5 Gallery Lock (Hide Pictures) South Korea
6 Secure Gallery (pic/video Lock) Korea
7 Lock My Pix Secret Photo Vault Germany
8 Sgallery- Hide Photos, Hide videos, gallery vault China
9 Super Vault-Hide Private Photos and Videos India
10 Private Photo Vault USA


Digital Private Vault: It helps you in hiding your photo, video, and notes. Digital Private Vault works as a vault-app in mobile phones and helps you in safeguarding your personal data. It is simple to use but it is a highly secure app which allows you to hide all your personal files, photos, videos, and confidential documents all at one place. Its key features help you in hiding your photos, videos, and all your personal data by simply importing all your data to Digital Private vault and securing it with a pin. It helps you in hiding your notes, bank details, passwords, private notes, and confidential documents. Its main key features are wireless syncing, double-layer security, private camera, in-app image filter, and most interestingly its ad-free.


Folder Lock: One of the most popular and widely used apps in the world. Folder Lock will satisfy all your concerns related to the security of your personal data. You can import all your data from the gallery, SD Card, Secure browser to Folder Lock. The features of this app will protect your photos, hide sensitive videos, lock down your important documents, record voice recordings and memos secretly, create contact groups, protect your private photos, password protect secrets audios, write secure notes.


Photo Locker: Photo Locker will help you in hiding and securing your photos, the features of Photo Locker will lock your personal pics, a fast encryption technique, time scale view to manage your photo by date, month, year, multiple export-import and move option, you can create your personal album, three security creational i.e. password, pin lock, and pattern lock.


Safe Gallery(Media Lock): Safe gallery allows you to secure all your media files using a password. The main features of this app are managing the gallery, managing all audio, safe photos, safe video, safe web image, screen lock type, support GIF, ad-free so that you can’t be disturbed.


Gallery Lock (Hide Pictures):  One of the most popular and widely used apps on the internet with millions of users. You can hide your personal photos and videos more securely with Gallery Lock. The features of Gallery Lock are beautiful design, folder support, slide show support, variety of view mode, easy to use pin and pattern lock, backup support, the watchdog for security, sharing option, rotate and zoom option, stealth mode support.


Secure Gallery (pic/video Lock):  Securing your private photos and videos with pin and pattern lock is so easy with Secure Gallery. Its key features include hiding pictures and videos, support fingerprint, slide show support, support 3 type lock pin, password, pattern, user-friendly UI.


Lock My Pix Secret Photo Vault: Proven with military-grade AES encryption you can hide and secure all your photos and videos in Lock My Pix Secret Photo Vault. The outstanding features of this app give you complete support to SD-Card, creation of unlimited albums, face lock for logins, hide the app users can use Lock My Pix Secret Photo Vault in hiding feature, full support for GIF, create an encrypted backup, custom of themes, custom of an album cover, ad-free, intruder selfie and enhanced security option.


Sgallery- Hide Photos, Hide videos, gallery vault: This app will help you in hiding and securing your photos and videos. The key features are app lock for personal privacy, hide icon option, securing of private notes, shake close helps to close your phone just by shaking it, intruder selfie, color theme, fingerprint lock for enhanced security of the app, 


Super Vault-Hide Private Photos and Videos: Just import your data in Super Vault and all your photos, videos, and important documents are safe and secure. The important features of this app allow you to hide your photo, videos, important files, all the files are hidden and protected with fingerprint security, shake phone lock, no storage limit, smooth and elegant user experience, save your credit card, ID cards, DL with Super Vault.


Private Photo Vault: This app allows you to create your own photo locker to secure all your photos and videos with password protection. The features of this app give you to create a video vault that helps you in protecting your videos, keeps your photo safe, management of email photos, text message photos, import of photos from the gallery, photo slideshow, zoom, rotation, security with pin, password, and pattern.


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