Top 8 Alternatives Of DU Recorder

Rather you call it geographical digital restrictions or digital strike, one thing is obvious this is a clear warning to China that how India can make adverse effects on its revenue. Experts say this is a beginning of such a digital strike made by the Indian Government, if China does not come on track such a ban will continue to happen in the future. 

So, that all was about China and its economy but it talks about the ground level or effects of a ban on the Indian market. We see people discussing ‘Made In India’ and searching for the best apps that they can use as a replacement for these Chinese apps. 

In this article we are going to discuss one such app name DU Recorder widely used by Indian users, to record the on-going activity of the screen.


App Name Android Download Link iOS Download Link Website Country Origin
1 Mobizen screen recorder Korea
2 Screen recorder – edit image & video India
3 Screen Recorder for Game, video call, online video.
4 GU screen recorder with sound, clear screenshot
5 Capture recorder mobi screen recorder video editor
6 Screen recorder
7 Free Screen Recorder | Screencast-O-Matic USA
8 Screen recorder and video recorder – Xrecorder USA


  1. Mobizen screen recorder – record, capture, edit

Mobizen screen recorder is a free screen recording application where the user can record trending games, famous videos, and apps. The user can create amazing videos as this application is easy to use. It is an amazing recording application where the user can capture, record, and edit for free. The user can hear the records screen in full HD quality. It has 12.0 Mbps quality, 1080 resolution, and 60 FPS. While recording any sound or game it captures the user reactions freely. It improves the quality of video with a variety of editing features. It records the screen without leaving any watermark. It records songs that the user can make any videos easily on social media.


  1. Screen recorder – edit image & video 

Screen recorder is a screen recording application where you can record games, chats, video save snaps, and captures. It is a free application. You can capture your own video and record the mobile screen at the same time. This is good for recording tutorials of any application. You can create and draw tutorials with a whiteboard screen. This application is helpful for different kinds of people as quality testers, app testers, users. This app is helpful for saving time as well that you can type any message and at the same time listens to calls and records it as well. You can use a screen recorder for many purposes like saving proof of anything, sharing someone’s video of your work easily. It helps parents as well that they can monitor the usage of mobile phones by their kids.


  1. Screen Recorder for Game, video call, online video.

It captures video and records the screen. It records screen without root, without watermark and time limit. The user can here edit the full HD quality screencast. The user can stop and start a screen record with just one touch. It is easy to use. The user can here share online video, capture chatting history, record games, etc. This application is fluent and enjoyable to use. The user can record mobile video and share it. It has 12.0Mbps quality, 60 FPS and 1440P resolution HD supplied. The user can stop recording by shaking the device. 


  1. GU screen recorder with sound, clear screenshot

It records games that capture screen and edit videos. It is a stable screen recorder application. Use the one-touch panel to stop recording. It provides 1080p resolution, has auto screen orientation, provides both landscape and portrait recording. Set HD mode and countdown time. Resumes and pause recording at any time. It takes a clear screenshot. It captures the screen easily. The user can share recorded videos on social media. It records the screen with clear sounds and has stability.


  1. Capture recorder mobi screen recorder video editor

This application records video with voice, takes screenshots and records games. The user can here edit a photo/video with sound, filter, effects, and also take a clear screenshot. There is no rooting and time limit needed. The user can also use notification to control screen recording. The user can take a screenshot and add subtitles in it easily. The user can also convert video in the Mp3 file. It provided landscape and portrait recording. And provides HD mode, 1080p resolution, 12.0Mbps quality. It adds multi music to the video. It has many features like cool effects, trendy filters, unique fonts, cute gifs, and stickers.


  1. Screen recorder

A screen recorder is another screen recording application. Suppose you are playing a game and want to share it with your friends, this app will help you to record your game easily. You can record a video call with your business partner and can share it easily. If you don’t have free time to attend any session and you want to attend it then this app will help you to record the screen and you can watch it later. It has an amazing display. You don’t have to be professional to use this app. It is easy to use and records screen in HD quality. This application has no watermark and root and has no limit to record any video. 


  1. Free Screen Recorder | Screencast-O-Matic

A free screen recorder is a video editor and screen recording application. The user can easily share their video with their friends. It has no time limit to record, record many videos and audio narration. It can crop and trim your videos. Adjust the playback speed. Suppose you find any interesting video on social media(Instagram) and wants to share it with your friends but it is your account and yours friends are not able no to watch it as that post is on the private account page and they have to follow it just to see one post then you can records screen and share them easily. Its imports and exports video quickly. 


  1. Screen recorder and video recorder – Xrecorder

This is a video and screen recording free application where the user can record live videos and take screenshots in HD quality. There is no time limit, watermark, and root needed. It helps you to capture clear and smooth screen videos. They can record tutorial videos, video calls, and game shows here. It can change the speed and can trim any kind of video. It records the screen using Facecam too. It is easy to rotate, resume, and pause any video. It merges, adds a background, and adds text in any video. The user can mark and draw on the screen while recording. It records games with no time limit. The user can capture and record the screen without any watermark.

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