Top 12 Alternatives of News Dog

Stay tuned with us to know Top Alternatives of News Dog


Sl. No. App Name Android Download link iOS Download link Website Country Origin
1 Jio News India
2 ReadWhere-News & Magazines India
3 Headlines Today(The News App) India
5 TH-The Hindu India
6 Aaj Tak News India
7 The New York Times United States
8 NDTV India
9 Google News United States
10 Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- News, Videos, Cricket India
11 Inshorts India



1.JioNews – Live News, TV, Magazine, Video, e-paper

Jio News is excellent, high-grade news app, it gives a

piece of good information about local, rural, national and cities news and

includes all kind of information all over our country, this is best to get

immediate fast and quick information and share further to users. Really this

app is useful for the public with so many news nationals and international comes

in the knowledge. This app is useful for us. 


2.ReadWhere-News & Magazines: You can read online and

offline mode in the form of E-paper, E-book online, Economics, E-magazine, etc.

Plus you can view already downloaded content offline when there is no internet

connection. You can read magazines, books, comics, etc, online and offline on

your android mobile & tablets. You can read all the popular newspapers and

magazines and comics too. One app with the features for every stage of people

like for kids, adults, and novel story books magazines and more. It has a simple

payment option too for paid- subscriptions. You can select to pay by

debit/credit card and pay by SMS, it has a wallet too. It has also a famous India’s

Best magazine brands published on categories ranging from news-Bollywood,

Entertainment, Health, Art, Politics, and more.


3.Headlines Today(The News App): Headline Today (HT) is a

a news app that fetches the latest headlines from, different categories with

multiples sources of news and bookmarks them to read it in your own free time.

You can share the article with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram an

all. It has also a reading mode feature which helps you read in dim light. You

will get your latest news notifications that will keep you update or you can

watch all types of news like Bollywood, Hollywood, Political, Technology,

Science, etc. You can follow your favorite news source, Read magazine &

fashion-related books, and much more.


4.INDIA TODAY: India Today app brings

to you the daily latest news, hot news, and breaking news which shows you news

on the daily basis notification. It has a live Tv option which you can watch

anytime anywhere or you can watch special news on India-Asia or around the

world. You can watch trending photos of your famous Bollywood stars,

Industrialist & political news, It has the best Audio news option so you

can turn on the audio mode and listen to the live TV news without watching

videos. Get breaking news alerts, discussions, and exclusive Interviews.


5.TH-The Hindu: This is a pure English

Newspaper with rich and digital experience. This is the most prominent News

app, which keeps you update- Sports, Bollywood, Technology, Art, Science,

Environment, Politics, and much more. It has a wonderful feature you can mark

your best news and read later. You can read offline too, but you have to

download it first then you can read offline. It has an amazing reading mode

feature it will help you with dim light reading. You can stay updated quickly,

trending, and the latest article by just swiping left & right and read the

next news article. You can watch world news from Pakistan, U.S, china Europe,

Africa and all. This app covers all the latest news around the Globe.


6.Aaj Tak News: Aaj Tak is India’s most

prominent and watching trusted news source, This is a most watching Hindi news

channel. You can download the Aaj Tak TV app on your smartphone and watch this

channel. You can watch Live TV shows free of cost and the latest news flash.

Get notification of the latest news across the global news.

It has also an audio news option, a turn button on the

audio mode, and listen to the live news without watching videos. You can search

for a lot of things like Bollywood, Hollywood, Sports, Science, Art and much

more. You can set the news notification as per your convenience so that you get

breaking news alert only when you want.


7.The New York Times: This app provides you

the best news with the amazing reading experience, plus you can read offline also,

You can share articles, photos, and videos through your favorite sharing

any platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all. It

will support All Digital Access Basic + access to The New York Times Crossword

and NYT Cooking. You also receive one bonus subscription

to give to anyone

you’d like. Cancel anytime. It has a night reading mode

which can help you dim

light reading. 



If you don’t want to read full news, detailed stories, or

articles, you can choose the News

Beeps section where you

will get to see bite-sized news, similar to Inshorts. Besides, there are dozens

of categories to choose from, including sports, entertainment, lifestyle, auto,

business, gadgets, cooking, and more. Everything is great to read articles of

the newspaper with lots of true journalism, unique good content, and the best

app for daily updates.


9.Google News

With fans around the world, readers get to read stories

in a deep version. From sports to news to educational information to the weather

it is quick to get any kind of news. This is simply an amazing app to increase

your knowledge even students preparing for competitive exams recommend this

application to equip themselves with current affairs. It really deserves more

than 5 stars. Thank developers who put their soul and heart to develop such a

great app, it performs in such an outstanding way.


  1. Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- News, Videos, Cricket

It’s a very good app for getting information about many

things including news, a fine platform for up-to-date hot news, and

information. It includes a great combination of several newspapers with every

single detailed news on it, you can also share the news in any other apps.



Great app. Very convenient to read the news in shorts. It

keeps the person up to date from the local to national to international news.

Basically, it converts the long news into some countable lines or paragraphs

that everyone loves to read. It covers all the news at one point with simple

understandable language. A very informative and useful app for students and

professionals or for everyone who lives a busy schedule. You even do not

need to open the app many times, you can just peep into news through notifications.

That is why people consider it as very beneficial and handy.


12.New Bulb- Top India News, Audio News: You can stay updated

with this app, plus you get the top 20 latest news of the day. This app

supports only two languages Hindi & English, use the app to stay updated

viral & Trending latest Hindi & English current news. It has a

full-screen display for the best viewing experience. You can share interesting

news on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and E-mail. You can read all

types of news like Bollywood, Hollywood, Latest local news, Sports and much

more. You can use offline mode also but you need to download first videos and

news and you watch them when you are traveling. It has a bookmark option also

It will help you save.






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