Top 9 Alternatives Of QQ Music Player

Earlier this week, the Indian government had Red Stop as an indication to restrict usage of 59 Chinese apps India including QQ Music has become a threat to national security. The ministry in its press release clearly mentioned there are huge numbers of complaints they receive by the users allegedly proving how these Chinese apps are stealing their personal information including a number of places they visit, friends list, location, interest and more. 


This had become very essential for the Ministry of Information Technology to invoke its power under section 69A to block these Chinese apps and stop the misuse of Public Information.

This could be very sad for many of us because we all love listening to music because this QQ Player plays a vital role to make all the songs available to us in just application. To make your listening music experience better even before without using the Chinese music player QQ Music – we are sharing a list of top alternatives for QQ player.


Sl. No. App Name Android Download Link iOS Download Link Website Country Origin
1 Jio Saavn Music App India
2 S10 Music Player
3 Google Play Music USA
4 Eon Music Player Pakistan
5 Musicana Music Player
6 Music Player India
7 Ganna Music App India
8 Abbey Music Mexico
9 Hungama Music India


1.Jio Saavn Music App: This is the best Indian app for music & radio. It has a high sound quality which makes your experience better. You can listen to Hollywood, Bollywood, Urdu, Telugu, Punjabi languages with 55 million songs and access all languages. You can set free ringtone unlimited-music, original shows, and podcasts. Jio sim, users get 30 days of Jio Saavn pro free, in the Jio Saavn pro feature, you can download the songs and listen to them on offline mode and it will save your data too, you can listen to music anytime and anywhere. 


2.S10 Music Player: The S10 music player is the best music player for android users, it has the best sound quality. You can adjust the sound base quality with high-quality equalizers, it is easy to support all devices. This is the best and free music player ever. Millions of people use this app with a great experience. It has all files like(Flac, Mpc, etc) supportable features which makes your experience better . You can set your app on sleep timer mode so that you can set time when you need music to stop automatically. You set the music according to you with 5 band equalizers. You can add your favorite songs in the playlist, listen to songs anytime anywhere. 


3.Google Play Music: This is the most popular music app most of the android phones have an inbuilt app. You just need to sign-up with Gmail, then you can enjoy the song, before that you need to select your languages. You can listen to songs on android, ios, and the web also. Millions of people are using this app. It has thousands of songs that you listen to. 


4.Eon Music Player: This is a quick controller music app which makes your music live easier. You can listen to the songs with a few touches. Also it is easy to find your favorite songs. This app has all music file access. It has fantastic themes (Light, Dark, Black, transparent) that you can set according to your comfort. It has an equalizer that makes your sound clarity better. You can create your favorite playlist, and edit to the quick navigation also. You can listen to songs online and offline mode.


5.Musicana Music Player: This is an advanced music playlist yet, which makes your experience better than others, a fast and amazing enjoyable app. Easy to use, keeps your time safe. You can find the lyrics while you listen to the songs. This is the best music app ever you can set-up sound quality with few fingertips, with equalizer which makes your sound experience better than others. All the features will change the way you listen to music. You can play the song on offline mode also, listen anytime anywhere, take the experience with the free music player. 


6.Music Player: High-quality music player with great sound quality songs experience, access to all music files, and support google cast apps also. 5 stylish and elegant looking equalizer, you can adjust base and 3D effects sound. It has a brilliant color theme (Dark, White) you can adjust according to your choice. You can create your playlist also, which will be played automatically one by one. You can download the mp3 songs and can listen to them in offline mode anytime anywhere.


7.Ganna Music App: Ganna app is a most popular app, This app offers you free, and unlimited songs. Enjoy millions of artist songs and more regional songs from a wide collection of New, Old, Classic, English, Punjabi songs. You can download songs of your favorite artist and popular album too. It has a playlist with the latest Top-20 songs of Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, and more religious songs too. It has the highest quality HD music songs, it supports 16 languages and you can download your favorite song in your language. You can download mp3 songs, you can listen to them in offline mode. You can read lyrics, while you are listening to the songs.


8.Abbey Music: Abbey music app has one motive to provide people an easier way to listen to songs and the easiest way to search. This app has its own fresh design which provides you simple and easy to listen to search music, search artists which you want and all. It has the auto-downloading system, suppose you are listing a song that will download on your downloads list. The easiest way to select your favorite song, you need to just long-press the song. It also supports LRC lyrics, you can read lyrics while you are listening to the songs.


9.Hungama Music: Hungama music app is the most unique app that will give coins when you are listening to music, share them with friends, and you can win the coins. Earn Hungama coins you can redeem on exclusive merchandise like an electronics store, sunglasses, T-shirts, and more. This is the most interesting app. You can also listen to the mp3 song and download them, it has wonderful lyrics reading theme mode that you can adjust the background shade according to your need. It has cr+ songs that will make your experience better than others. You can see HD songs video free downloading, lots of collection of party hits, old songs, ghazals, online music, radio music, remixes, Dj mixes, Instrumental music, and much more. All the features in this app will never disappoint you, just take experience and download the free app and win lots of coins just on a few taps.


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