Top 12 alternatives of QQ Player

              Top 12 alternatives of QQ Player


Media players have become an essential part of the internet world because most of the data available on the internet is in the form of videos and experience the better quality medial players are used to watch the videos. 

Nowadays media players are also used to make and edit the videos as people on the internet not only watch videos but also create their own videos and upload on many social networking sites. 

QQ player is one of the widely used media players to watch, create and edit the videos but it has been banned by the Indian government because of the increasing border security issues between India and China.

Media player provides so many cool features to create and edit the video on a very easy mode here the top 12 alternatives of QQ Player.


Sl. No. App Name Android Download Link iOS Download Link Website Country Origin
1 HD Video Player India
2 MX Media Player India
3 Video Editor Free Trim Music India
4 FX Player Korea
5 Video Player
6 Quik New Zealand
7 Adobe Premiere Rush USA
8 GOM Player South Korea
9 KM Player Korea
10 MP4 HD Player India
11 VLC player France
12 HD Video Player West Indies


  1. HD Video Player- MP4 Player and Media Player: It is a made in India App, it is used by more than 1.7 million users. Its features include Dark theme, picture in picture mode, Sleep mode to set a timer, screenshot feature will help you to take a screenshot while watching videos. It supports all file formats and helps you to experience the HD quality video, it gives you the feature to create a thumbnail, easy sharing of videos, and it is ad-free and an offline video player.


  1. MX Media Player: This media player offers online streaming video and audio music, it is an offline media player. It provides you with cool features like multi-core decoding, pinches to zoom, kids lock, file sharing, subtitle gesture.


  1. Video Editor Free Trim Music: As of now sending video messages are so common and people on the internet are always want to upload some kind of videos created in their own to upload on the social networking sites Video editor free trim music helps you to do all the things related to video editing in easy mode and that too on your mobile phone. The impressive features of the video editor free trim music include: trim, add music, merge, filters, Gifs, and Overlays, video to MP3, fast and slow option, text on video, compress video, covert and share a video.


  1. FX Player: The feature that FX player offers are: it supports all video formats with a subtitle along with the HD quality of the videos, its interface is very user-friendly one can easily handle all the options like fast-forwarding, volume-up & down, brightness, zoom, fast scanning of video and floating video options.


  1. Video Player: It supports all the formats and this player can be used as both video and audio player, one can only listen to the audio by not watching the video. Its main features are app lock, protection on private videos, manage and share, brightness and screen lock, screen size.


  1. Quik- a free video editor for photo, clips music: Awesome videos can be created in just a few steps as the user interface of this player is very friendly it offers very smart features like Theme of the video, soundtrack, photos, save and share, record, trim, fast and slow motion. Video editing is so much fun with Quik.


  1. Adobe Premiere Rush: One can shoot and edit video on Adobe with great sound and video quality just the way you want, it offers features like crop, trim, speed, text to video, saves and share, graphic, and many other video effects.


  1. GOM Player: It offers a variety of features like non-encoding, speed control, subtitle management, finger gesture, section movement, light control, it is very convenient to use and support all the advanced settings, supports all formats and allows you to manage your playlist with the save and share options.


  1. KM Player: This player supports all formats and you will experience the HD quality with subtitles. It offers a trimmer option, speed control, equalizer, zoom, and color adjustment.


  1. MP4 HD Player: It is a multipurpose app for those who want to keep their mp3 and mp4 files together. The key features are the black theme, picture in picture mode, background play, sleep mode, smart browsing, graphic equalizer, free music player and free audio player, it is ad-free and gives you a child lock option.


  1. VLC player: This player is totally free, has no ads, supports all formats, has a multi-track audio feature with subtitle option, and provides your media library for both audio and video.


  1. HD Video Player- MP4 Player and Media Player- It is a made in India app which offers mind-blowing features like a dark theme, picture in picture mode, screenshot, sleep mode, thumbnail, equalizer, night mode, speed control. It is lightweight and offers you to experience the HD quality with an ad-free option and offline mode also. It is very compatible which gives you a user-friendly interface with the options of save and sharing of files.



As we have come to an end, this worth saying we all should stop using Chinese apps and start boycotting china’s product. We assume you liked our article and find it useful to get a piece of deep information on various kinds of video players and their uses that do not belong to China.


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