Top 11 Alternatives Of Vault – Hide

India has shown its stronger and dominated version by banning 59 Chinese apps after a long silence on the issue of Chinese military incursions into Indian territory. Earlier, the trade balance was surely in favor of China – now this big step will definitely bring a difference in India’s favor. In the flow of banned apps one most prominent application name, Vault – hide has also got affected and has floated away out of India. 

If you are concerned about the best other options you can avail in the market of these photos, videos, or files hidden applications –Vault – hide. Here, we are sharing a list of 11 applications you can switch to. 


Sl. No. App Name  Android Download Link iOS Download Link Website Country Origin
1 Folder Lock United States
2 Safe Gallery
3 Photo Locker
4 Secure Gallery
5 Gallery Lock
6 Hide It Pro India
7 Keep safe photo vault United States
8 Lock App India
9 Norton App United States
10 Lock my pix secret vault United States
11 Applock


1.Folder lock

Folder lock is a featured pack, dynamic data security application. If you have folders and files that you want to keep private then must use folder lock. It is not a free app. Import videos and photos in just one second. You can keep your secret recordings with a secret voice recorder.


2.Safe gallery (media lock)

The safe gallery is a must-have app for protecting your privacy as hiding your personal photos and videos with either numerical or pattern-based password. It is a free media lock app that gives the owner the option of protecting some of the pictures and videos they have. 


3.Photo locker 

Photo lockers hide your private, confidential and personal pictures on your android phone. These imported files can only be viewed and accessed by entering a password. Photo lockers can lock images and hide images using fast encryption techniques. There is no chance of losing your locked photos with built-in dropbox backup. It also has a decoy mode which allows you to set a fake login. 


4.Secure gallery 

The secure gallery allows you to keep your files safe by using a password and fingerprint. It hides and locks your pictures and videos for the protection of your private files. If you hide the secure gallery’s icon in options and then a secure gallery will disappear. To run it, just put the ‘widget’ of a defended gallery in the widget list and choose the file by clicking on it. 


5.Gallery lock

Gallery lock is an app used to hide pictures and videos that are absolutely needed for the protection of personal media. This is one of the top 10 apps sold on google play store and a popular app in the world. It has a watchdog feature which means after 3rd failed password attempts, the built-in camera takes the photo of that person. It is not a free app but it has a free assessment lite version. Also, it is protected as if for some reason your files are not opening you can take backup instantly. 


6.Hide photos 

Hide photos are an app that hides photos, videos, music, apps, notes, calls, messages on your phone. This app disappears from the recent apps which can’t be tracked. It has multiple lock screen options pin, pattern, password, and fingerprint. There are a lot more features like custom slideshows, unhide, batch delete, move data between albums, share, sort files and folders to your liking, etc.


7.Keep safe photo vault 

Keep safe photo vault is the best photo vault app for android phone to lock your private photos and videos for free. Just look through your phone’s main gallery and click on photos or videos to import directly into your Keep safe Photo Vault. Once imported, you can go and select to easily delete those personal photos or videos from your phone’s main gallery while you can go and still view them in your Keep safe Photo Vault.


8.Lock app                     

Lock app -Smart app locker is an app that is used to lock any app and when the locked app is launched on the phone you have to enter the password to unlock the app. This app does not only lock apps but also can be used to hide pictures and videos. The app is completely free and does not take a lot of space. The app also has a fingerprint lock system along with other types of lock systems such as pin, pattern, password, etc.


9.Norton app     

Norton App Lock enables users to prevent and block unauthorized access to apps. It is a free app and can be downloaded from the app store. It uses a four-digit PIN, phrase, digit, or pattern as its lock system. It also supports photos alongside apps. The app also contains a support list that lets you know which apps should be locked. That’s a great tool build for those who want a more permissive approach. The anti-theft feature takes a photo of a thief or anyone who fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts.


10.Lock my pix secret vault

Lock my pix secret vault allows you to protect your pictures and videos from outsiders. It does not just hide videos and pictures as other apps do but it also uses true AES encryption, same as governments and banks worldwide. You can also make a decoy fake vault to protect your pictures and videos from people who try to force you to show them your private pictures or videos. Another advantage of this app is that you can use an SD card to save your pics and videos and save your internal space. 



Applock is an app that will protect the apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint. You can lock the whole phone by using the lock screen of the app and you can even change the background with the desired photo. A good thing about this app is that you can set a different password for different apps. In addition to perfect lock, AppLock can catch invaders by taking a face picture and even displaying the app with a fake delusion window. It blocks the locked app’s notification message in the top notification bar. 



All the pointers discussed above depict every application by their original names that you can use to keep your data safe and sound. If you need to set your data safely in a hidden file you can choose any of the apps – no more Chinese apps.

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