Top 12 Alternatives Of YouCam Makeup

Rather a person is introvert or extrovert it barely matters to his will to look attractive all the time in pictures. This is the world to look more presentable and impressive, in this digital era half of matrimonial and even job interviews are based on profile pictures. Even seems to be showing-off using a starling Display Pictures on social handles and messenger apps like FB messengers Or WhatsApp. We surely can not deny the fact we can not live without makeup apps to edit or click pictures more beautifully. We are about to ink down the top 12 apps you can use as an alternative to YouCam Makeup. 


Sl. No. App Name Android Download Link iOS Download Link Website Country Origin
1 B612 South Korea
2 Snapseed USA
3 Adobe Lightroom USA
4 PicsArt Photo Editor USA
5 LightX photo editor & photo effects India
6 Adobe photoshop express USA
7 FLTR Belarus
9 PixelLab
10 Enlight Pixaloop Israel
11 PixLab photo editor Istanbul
12 Cartoon photo editor Istanbul


  1. B612 – Beauty and filter camera

 This application will make your selfies, photos, and videos more attractive. By using the features of this app you can put beauty in your photos. It has more than 1500 different stickers. It can turn your face into funny and cute filters with amazing effects. It has a great feature of changing your voice into a cute cartoon voice with that selective filter. The user can choose their interest wise faces and effects. It has high-quality music videos. The user can make fun videos, boomerang, and montages in this application.


  1. Snapseed 

Snapseed is an awesome application of editing photos. This is an editor’s choice application. It has a professional quality editing app developed by Google. It has 29 tools and filters which include features like brush, healing, HDR, etc. Some of the amazing face filters and tools:

– it has a tune image feature which adjusts color, exposure manually and automatically with precise control

– it crops the photo cleanly

– it straightens,skewed and rotates the photo 

– adjusts the color that makes the image looks more natural

– its selective control point technology selects the particular area to saturate, contrast, brightens, and 5 more points to explore your image so attractive. And has many more features


  1. Adobe Lightroom – photo editor and pro camera

Adobe photoshop lightroom is another amazing photo editor free application. It makes you creative and captures stunning images. This application can make your photos alluring by a simple edit. Here the simple edit means that the user can edit simply by selecting features like color and light, photo filters, sliders, effects, beautify, and many more. The user can select the ratio for Instagram, or portrait type, etc for their photos whatever they want to and can rotate and crop the images perfectly. 


  1. PicsArt Photo Editor: pic, video and collage maker

It is a free application of editing stickers and pictures into memes and montages. This is a photo and video editor app with great photo effects, image editor, sticker maker, drawing tools, photo filter, camera, and many more. This app provides a kind of home for an impressive sketch, drip, canvas, glitch, magic effects, etc. The user can cut editing time in half. The user can take selfies and can sketch looks like hand-drawn. 


  1. LightX photo editor & photo effects 

It is an editing application which makes photo frames and montages, blur photo editors and changes the background. The user can add stickers, different hair colors, splash effects, many exposure effects, and can create caricatures and cartoons. This app has many advanced effects of editing such as vignette effects, curves, color mixing, highlights, shadows, saturation, contrast, brightness, and more. The user can here merge their photos. Wide range of filters and shape manipulation.


  1. Adobe photoshop express: photo editor collage maker

Another great app for photo editing which heals the blemishes cleanly and can add filters and effects into it. It creates professional images by using digital studio features so fast. It automatically corrects crooked images. It reduces color noise and sharpens it. The user can use a radial blur to blend the backgrounds. It assembles attractive pic montages. It removes blemishes and spots from selfies easily. The user can import and share the photo by one click.


  1. FLTR – free presets for lightroom 

Fltr captures amazing pics and edits pics impressively. It gives you the free presets for adobe lightroom CC. The user can select presets and can create amazing pics for free. It has different filters, color effects, beauty sets, tones, styles.


  1. VSCO: photo & video editor

Another app for photo editing for creators. It will take your photo to the next level. It will easily edit your raw photos. And can import quickly. It has many editing tools like changing saturation, contrast, texture, exposure, etc. It also moves your collage by layering videos, shapes, and images


  1. PixelLab – text on pictures

This application will edit your images for free. Here, the user can add 3D and simple text, stickers, shapes, and draw in their images. It can import your images, puts text effects and text fonts, change the background, draw on them, removes the unwanted background, provides meme preset, etc.


  1. Enlight Pixaloop – photo animator & photo editor 

Enlight Pixaloop is a photo editor and photo animator application. Animation creators find this app great that brings the photos into life with its amazing effects. Make the photos live by options like adding waterfalls and flame flicker. Here, the user can create their photos attractive by its editing tools. It edits photos into animated images.


  1. PixLab photo editor: drip effect, collage maker

Pixlab photo editor is a photo editing application where the user can edit with awesome dripping effects, filters, stickers(emojis and shapes), and text. The user can create their photos and can save and share those. It has really good features of editing like varieties of filters, backgrounds, grime art stickers, collage making, resize images, spiral option, etc.


  1. Cartoon photo editor

This application is really fun to edit the photos. It has great features of changing the photos into cartoon effects. It adds cool and artistic effects to the images. It can transform the photos into painting, sketches, and more. The user can choose their interest in wise different effects. The user can enjoy with their friends by using this photo editor app.


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