Top 21 Unrevealed Secret Facts Of MCU

Today we are going to discuss the top 21 Marvel Cinematic secrets facts. So, as we all know there are a total of 25 Blockbuster movies in MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe), those facts might have noticed or not, or even after noticing those facts, you would have not made a breakthrough to it. The Marvel script is so well designed and so full of suspense that you need to focus. In case you are unaware of such Unrevealed Secret Facts, then just stop worrying – hold your breath and be ready to dive into the cinematic world of MCU.


Top 21 Unrevealed Secret Facts Of MCU


1- The Ten Rings

Mandarin runs an organization called Ten Rings. Villain of IronMan – Obadiah Stane wore that same ring then Raza the villain of IronMan 2 also wore the same ring symbolizing the organization The Ten Rings. This Unknown Fact in one of the next upcoming projects of MCU like Shang chi we will get to know more in detail about the Madrine and his organization.


2- Thor and Asgard

In the scene of the 1st avenger movie where everyone was discussing the future like Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Dr. Banner. They were actually talking about Thor3 and Asgard, how thor can survive without his hammer and can operate war machines to destroy enemies.


3- Dormammu

We will discuss some of the Unrevealed Secret Facts of Dormammu. He is the ruler of the dark dimension, in comics he has fought with eternity, Thanos, and doctor strange. Voice of Dormammu and Doctor Strange is given by the same person Benedict Cumberbatch. Even Dormammu’s face expression is done by Benedict Cumberbatch. 


4- Jon Favreau & Happy Hogan

Jon Favreau is the director of IronMan and IronMan2, who also plays the character of Happy Hogan in the movie. But due to some disputes he did not direct IronMan 3. 


5- Doctor Phineas Horton

The new character in MCU’s future is Doctor Phineas Horton. Guest appearance of Doctor Phineas Horton was in Captain America 1st Avenger as a statue in a museum


6- The Lover LYLLA

Lylla is the most unrevealed character of Marvel. This is inspired by the comic – the small Racoon of Guardian Of Galaxy (Rocket) loves this character Lylla. We can expect to take a look at this character in the new launch of Guardian Of Galaxy 3.


7- Muspelheim

The new world like Asguard or new estate. King of Muspelheim is Surtur, the same giant red demon who destroyed the Asguard. MCU will introduce him to a new launch of Thor sequel that is why they do not want to disclose this kind of Unrevealed Secret Facts related to their upcoming project.


8- Tony arc reactor

In the part of Avengers Age of Ultron. Thor buster had 10 arc reactors in a single suit.


9- Fin Fang Foom

Aldrich Killian Villain of IronMan3, represented a statue of Fin Fang Foom on his body when he was heated. Unknown Fact related to the Fin Fang Foom dragon will surely be disclosed in 2022 MCU movies.


10- Helicarrier

As we all know Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D used to operate in their moving office Helicarrier. Secret fact in this is that Iron Man updated the Helicarrier – from old way wings to new repulsive fly method.


11- Chris Evans 

One of the Eye-popping Unknown Facts for Captain America lovers.

After not getting success in the role of TorchMan in the Fantastic Four movie. Chris Evans had rejected playing the role of Captain America but agreed after the one call of Robert Downey, Jr.


12- Groot and Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel was behind the voice of Groot. This role with sound effects helped him a lot to come out of the depression after the death of his friend Paul Walker.


13- Odin Horse

There is a scene in the movie Thor, where Odin enters riding a horse. If you zoom that portion you will see the horse has eight legs because that was not an ordinary horse. Horse name was Sleipnir and the best of all horses. Now, you can imagine MCU is so visionary and Unrevealed Secret Facts.


14- Multiverse

Watching the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home many people would have lost in the world of a multiverse but that did not come true. That all fascinated lights and illusions were all part of Mysterio’s special projector effects.


15- All tongue ability

One more Unknown Fact related to Thor – he can speak all languages and can understand all languages.


16- Escape to the realm

When Loki becomes King of Asgard using his magic. He lost his control over the nine realms which let Thanos get the benefit from it. Enter into the secret world of Nidavellir to build an infinity gauntlet. 


17- Iron Man suits

Starting from Avengers to IronMan 3 Tony Stark developed a total of 35 suits. A high number of suits are amazing Unrevealed Secret Facts of MCU.


18- Funny Unknown Fact

Chris Pratt who plays the role of Starlord stole his own costume of Starlord from the shooting set because they were going to attend fans in a hospital.


19- Black Panther

During the ritual fight, the black panther got injured by a sword. Again, at the end of that movie he used that same sword to stab and kill his enemy. This is one of the Unrevealed Secret Facts related to the black panther world full of Vibranium.


20- IronMan and Illuminati

One scene from IronMan movie where Tony Stark was hacking the government security system. Digital unknown fact for his phone when he was also in connection with Illuminati which you can see by zoom focusing on his screen.


21- The last snap

This is one of the best and most astonishing Unrevealed Secret Facts which every MCU lover must know because this is related to Thanos’s death and tribute to Tony Stark’s death. When Tony Stark traveled into the past end met his father he got this idea of removing infinity stones not the whole gauntlet when he tried to shake hands with his father and end up holding a single finger. 


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