Why arrange marriage is better than love marriage

Why arrange marriage is better than love marriage

Statistics show people are happier in arranged marriages, arranged marriages work better than love marriage. There are couples who claim to be arranged marriage best. Partners who had arranged marriage are more understanding of each other. Still, it is a debatable topic to discuss whether arranged marriages are better or love marriages. If you are going for Punjabi matrimony, you must know about this topic. 

Here, you can wider your scope of understanding to know in-depth about why arranged marriages are better than love marriages and which one you should go for.


  •       Easy to adjust:

In an arranged marriage, it’s easy to adjust. Both parties have seen and accepted each other with the intention to make a family. So, both family support and try to understand and fulfil each other’s needs and requirements. 

In a love marriage, the parents have to accept their children’s choice so it creates some time for both of them to adjust in the family. 


  •       Understanding level:

In arrange marriage, before the second marriage, there is a kind of understanding to know about each other and then after marriage, the couple has another kind of understanding which takes time and effort. The understanding develops slowly with lots of love and affection. Which makes the bond stronger and stronger as time passes? In a love marriage, the understanding has been built before the marriage both were aware of each other’s needs and desires. They just have to adjust to each other and with each other’s family. 


  •       Each other needs:

In an arranged marriage, they are new strangers living together with each other so they try their best to fulfill each other’s needs and take care and fulfill their responsibility. In a love marriage, both are aware of each other’s needs and requirements. They act frankly and easily rather than keeping a hype to take care of each other to impress or represent themselves. 


  •       Support:

Whenever there are domestic issues or issues in a couple both parties have support from their parents and they try to resolve the matter as there is a fear of losing the partner. In a love marriage, there is minimal chance of support as in our culture parents start blaming their child’s choice. 


  •       Dependence ratio:

In an arranged marriage, both couples become dependent on each other as time passes they share, resolve, and face the issues together. They become habitual with each other and share with each other. In a love marriage, they both have known each other for a longer period of time and haven’t been with each other and face their problems on their own. They are independent and can resolve their issues on their own. 


  •       Comfort level:

In arrange Punjabi matrimony, the couples have to develop their comfort level during the process there is lots of embarrassment, hesitation, and shyness. Which helps in making the bond stronger. 

In a love marriage, both of them are comfortable with each other and know each other very well. So their comfort level is very high at the beginning of the relationship.


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